Upcoming Online Courses taught by Karen Kingston in 2018 
These are the only courses this year. The next series of courses will be in 2019.

May 1-30:  Clear Your Paper & Digital Clutter
May 5-25:  Fast Track Clutter Clearing
June 1-30: Living Clutter-Free
June 5-25:  Declutter Your Clothes

Karen Kingston
Karen Kingston

Karen Kingston is recognized as
the world's leading authority on space clearing

Karen's Space Clearing Blog

Space Clearing Blog

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Space Clearing Products

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Books by Karen Kingston

Books by Karen Kingston

Combined sales of over 3 million copies

Space Clearing Consultations
Space Clearing Consultations

Karen Kingston & Richard Sebok

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Karen Kingston International
Suite 8, 1101 Hay Street
West Perth, WA 6005, Australia

Tel: +61 (0)8 9297 6043
email: info@spaceclearing.com
ABN: 98 615 613 155



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International Directory
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