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Most Recent Articles

Space clearing altar
There have been so many developments in the art of space clearing since I wrote my first book about it that Richard and I are currently doing a complete rewrite. Read more
Energy imprints in a hotel bed
All beds become deeply imprinted with the energies of the people who sleep in them. That’s fine in your own home but what about hotel beds when you are travelling? Read more
Harmony balls
Balinese harmony balls are an important part of space clearing. They are designed to be used towards the end of a ceremony to infuse new, higher frequencies into a space. Read more
Button on a brown knitted cardigan
Does laundering an item of clothing remove the energy imprints of the previous wearer? If you ever wear second-hand clothing, you may want to know the answer to this question. Read more
A lesser-known use of Balinese space clearing bells is a technique that I called chakra balancing in my first space clearing book and is now more accurately called personal belling. Read more
New life
After a divorce or a break-up, you want a fresh start. But if you continue living in the home you shared, the imprints of your relationship will still be there. Read more


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