Free space clearing offered

Karen KingstonI’m looking for a 2, 3 or 4 bedroom house or apartment within 25 miles of Malvern, Worcestershire, UK to space clear on the morning of Sunday, 3 April 2016 as part of an advanced Space Clearing Practitioner Training for two trainees.

What is space clearing?

The ceremony will be conducted by the trainees and overseen by me personally to guarantee its effectiveness. The only cost to you will be for the flowers used in the ceremony (£45 – £60, depending on the size of your home). All the other materials and our services, travel time and travel expenses will be supplied free of charge.

If you are interested to volunteer for this, please click on the link below to complete the form:

Request a free space clearing

Please note: If you are located more than 25 miles from Malvern, it will take up too much of our training time to travel to you, so please do not apply. And please do not forward this email to friends to request free space clearings in other parts of the UK or the world. This is a one-time offer for the area within 25 miles of Malvern, Worcs, on 3 April 2016 only.

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The kiss line

Developing etheric awareness is an essential skill for anyone wishing to develop space clearing skills beyond beginners’ level and, in the process of doing so, there is something you are likely to come across that I call the kiss line.

The kiss line

There are two main types of loving relationships in which you can experience it. One is with a sexual partner, when you lie naked next to them, your bodies touching. The other is with a baby, child, friend or close relative, when you have some part of your skin resting in contact with theirs. You both need to be very relaxed, comfortable with each other, and perfectly still.

With a sexual partner it is easiest to feel if you are lying side by side rather than physically intertwined with the other person, but with practice you can tune in to the kiss line in any position.

Put your awareness on the line between you where your physical bodies touch and feel what is happening energetically in that space. If you and your partner both have a degree of etheric awakening, it will feel as if your skins are kissing each other all along that line.

It’s as if every possibility that exists between you is in that line, in an exquisitely condensed quintessential form. There is an intelligent knowingness, with multiple interchanges of energy and information each second. The more love, openness and honesty there is between you, the greater the energy exchange and level of bliss. Conversely, if there is anything one of you is hiding from the other, the effect is diminished accordingly.

Women who’ve had exquisite experiences when breastfeeding their babies will know exactly what I’m talking about, even if they’ve never put it in these terms before.

This is not something you will find if you lie naked next to your pet, by the way. Yes, there is something that can pass in the love between humans and pets, but it cannot be compared to what I’m describing here. The kiss line is essentially human.

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Is it the same if a robot vacuums your home?

IRobot vacuum cleaner‘ve always been fascinated by how effectively vacuuming removes not just physical debris but also refreshes the energy of a room.

A vacuum cleaner is a physical, mechanical device, designed to suck up dust and all the inevitable bits that get dropped on the floor. But because stagnant energies also sink to floor level, it does a remarkably good job of revitalizing them too, through its vibrating, sweeping, sucking action. Or as Hoover’s oh so memorable advertising slogan of 1919 put it: ‘It Beats, as it Sweeps, as it Cleans’.

Robot vacuums
And now we have a new generation of robot vacuums, designed to clean up after us automatically without us having to lift a finger. The good quality ones are still too pricey to be mainstream, but it looks like the future of cleaning is heading that way. My question is, because no human operator is involved, does your home feel as clean after a robot has cleaned it as it does if you clean it yourself using a good old-fashioned handheld vacuum?

Technically (and depending on the efficiency of the model, of course), there may be no difference. The same amount of dust and dirt gets hoovered up and the floor looks equally clean. But just as food tastes different according to the love and care that is put into it by the person who cooks it, so a room can feel different according to whether it is vacuumed by a mechanical device or by a human who puts care into it. Scientists can’t measure this subtle quality, but most people can sure as heck taste it in food, and more sensitive folk will be able to feel the difference with a robot vacuum too.

So does it really matter?
Well, here we get into the realm of etheric awareness and space clearing. If you’ve ever had your home space cleared by one of the professionals I’ve trained, you will know how different it can feel after all the stagnant energies and astral imprints have been cleaned out and new, higher frequencies have been instilled. It is as if a fresh wind has swept through, cleansing and revitalizing the space at a very deep level, and resetting your home as a clean slate on which to write your life.

My husband, Richard, and I, regularly space clear our home and keep it energetically maintained in this way, so that it supports us in our lives rather than holding us back. Because of this, we have noticed a huge difference between how it feels when we vacuum the floors ourselves and how it feels when we hire someone to do this for us.

When we vacuum ourselves, we presence and own the space as we go. When a cleaner does it for us, he or she may use the same equipment, and it has the same mechanical action, but it never feels as clean. On a physical level there’s no difference, but at the higher levels, just as with food that is cooked without love and care, something is tangibly missing.

Or rather, here in the West it is. When we lived in Bali, we were fortunate to have a wonderful woman called Padmi who cleaned our home beautifully. Not just at the physical level, but at the higher levels too. The Balinese have space clearing rituals they perform on a daily basis, and they naturally carry spiritual forces of purification in their blood. Padmi did not just beat as she swept as she cleaned. She loved and cared for and presenced our home too. Ah, how we miss her now!

So there is a spiritual component that can be brought to the mundane action of vacuuming a home, and if the result can be so different when your average western cleaner does it, how much greater will this be if the task is relegated to a robot? I’ll leave it to you to experiment and discover for yourself.

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White altar cloths & colourizers

White altar clothWhite space clearing altar clothsWhite colourizersAn altar is used in space clearing to create a symbolic representation of the focus for the ceremony and an anchorage for the frequencies of change it is designed to bring about. This increases the effectiveness of the ceremony enormously.

Begin by laying a white tablecloth on the table you will be using for your altar. Ideally use a brand new tablecloth, or at least one that has never been used for anything else before. Between space clearings keep it with your space clearing kit rather than just throwing it into a drawer with mundane items.

The next item to lay on the altar is the altar cloth. They come in a range of sizes (large, small and miniature) and a range of colours. But the most popular colour by far is white. It also happens to be the most difficult to make. There are only eight weavers in Bali who are skilled enough to create them.

When to use a white altar cloth
White is used in the space clearing ceremony to bring in the frequencies of clarity, simplicity and purity. It is the combination of all colours in the visible spectrum. Made of cotton silk interwoven with gold metallic thread and small bursts of colour, the weave of these cloths reflects this unique quality.

Clarity: For situations where you need to make decisions and move forward in life.

Simplicity: For situations where you need to unravel a situation that has become too complicated.

Purity: Purification lies at the heart of space clearing, and many religions use white as a symbol of spiritual purity. It’s also widely associated in many cultures with the quality of cleanliness. It’s therefore always a good choice for a space clearing ceremony. You can’t go wrong with white.

When to use a white colourizer
There’s no need to use a white colourizer if you’re using a white altar cloth. This would be an unnecessary duplication. But you can certainly use a large or small white colourizer with an altar cloth of a different colour if purity, clarity or simplicity is just one of the focuses of the ceremony you are doing.

For example, if your main focus is prosperity and you need to gain more clarity about how to improve your financial situation, an excellent choice would be a purple altar cloth to bring in the frequencies of prosperity and empowerment, with a white colourizer to highlight the frequency of clarity.

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Purple altar cloths & colourizers

Purple altar clothPurple space clearing altar clothsPurple altar cloth close-upPurple colourizersAn altar is used in space clearing to create a symbolic representation of the focus for the ceremony and an anchorage for the frequencies of change it is designed to bring about. This increases the effectiveness of the ceremony enormously.

Altar cloths are available in a range of colours. This article explains how purple is used.

About purple
Purple is used in space clearing ceremonies to anchor the frequencies of prosperity and empowerment.

Of course laying a purple cloth or colourizer on an altar doesn’t magically make money drop into your lap or make you feel more self-assured. But what has been observed time and time again is that taking the time to get clear about your focus for the space clearing ceremony and creating an altar that symbolically depicts this very much increases its effectiveness.

These hand-woven Balinese altar cloths and colourizers, created with an intricate weave of metallic gold thread, provide the best anchorage for these frequencies in the context of the ceremony. They are also extraordinarily beautiful to touch and see.

They are made by the most highly skilled weavers in Bali, and it takes 20 full days to make a large purple altar cloth, and 12 days to make a small one.

When to use a purple altar cloth
The primary use of a purple altar cloth is when prosperity or financial issues are the main focus of a space clearing ceremony. It’s also a good colour to use when you need to boost self-esteem or emphasize personal empowerment, particularly if you’re facing a situation where you need to take control of your life and make some decisions.

When to use a purple colourizer
If the creation of wealth or boosting self-esteem is a consideration but not the main focus for a ceremony, it is best to add it to the altar in the form of a colourizer rather than an altar cloth. It can also very helpful to include on an altar if you’re the kind person who has trouble saying “no”, or who tends to put other people’s needs before your own, sometimes to your own detriment.

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Creating spaced space

CandlesI’ve heard there’s a new trend in the UK for creating decluttering ceremonies.

Apparently what happens is that instead of just sorting through your stuff and heaving bagfuls of it out of the door, you light some candles, play some lovely music, and generally try to convince yourself the whole process is sacred in some way. At the end of the session you burn a line of candles next to the wall to magically remove “dead energy” from the clutter-cleared area.

Oh dear.

For a start, burning candles near walls is not a space clearing technique. The only tangible effects of doing this are likely to be black candle soot smudges up the walls and wax drippings on the floor.

And while clutter clearing can be hugely transformational because you are letting go of the old to make room for the new, in my experience the most effective approach is a practical, down-to-earth, roll-up-your sleeves one, with the grit and determination to get the job done. Some people find they can do this better with some music playing, but it needs to have an upbeat rhythm that will keep you moving, not sweet little melodies that will sooth your soul.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all in favour of anything that makes clutter clearing more enjoyable and fun. People who follow the systems I teach report that their whole approach to clutter clearing changes and it becomes a treat they genuinely look forward to rather than a chore that has to be done.

But trying to make a sacred ceremony out of it is a hopeless cause. The low level stagnant energies that accumulate around clutter keep you a world apart from anything sacred. Lighting a few candles, however sincere your intention, is not going to suddenly change that.

Levels of Consciousness
So where does clutter clearing fit in the scheme of things?

A useful calibration that I teach to the space clearing practitioners I train is a scale of Levels of Consciousness, where Level 7 is the lowest level that human life can sink to and Level 1 is the most exalted state of enlightenment that can be attained. The activities of everyday life are at Level 6, whereas humans are designed to live at Level 5 and above. Experiences of the truly sacred begin at Level 3, and are very far removed from what most people will ever come into contact with.

The numbers assigned to these levels have not been randomly picked out of a hat. They are derived from decades of exploration of spiritual realms and human consciousness, interwoven with the study of how space clearing can raise the energies of a space to facilitate higher levels of engagement.

How this relates to clutter
One of the main reasons that clutter is such a problem for anyone seeking more meaning in their life is that it keeps you in the mundane environment of Level 6. I would go so far as to say there is no point in doing any kind of self-improvement work at all unless you have cleared your clutter first.

And will clutter clearing automatically move you up to the realms of Level 5? No, it’s not that easy. Not by a long way. But it is the first essential step towards a life that is not encumbered by material possessions, which can open the door to an awareness that there can be more to our earthly existence than living at Level 6.

How this relates to space clearing
Clutter clearing is one of the preparatory steps of the space clearing ceremony I have developed, which is specifically designed to raise the atmosphere of a space from Level 6 to Level 5. How effective this is depends on a number of factors such as the skills of the person doing the space clearing, the equipment they use, their ability to follow the prescribed steps exactly, and so on.

When conducted by one of the expert space clearing practitioners I have trained, the ceremony can achieve Level 4 or even Level 3 results on rare occasions, at which point it becomes as much about opening spiritual insights for the occupants of the home and as it is about purifying the energies of the building itself.

The results of space clearing are not permanent, of course (the ceremony must be regularly repeated to maintain high level energies of the space), but I include it here because it offers a very tangible experience of some of the higher levels I have described, and sometimes even a glimpse of what sacredness really is.

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My new website

My big news this month is that my main website has moved to and this website is now dedicated purely to the topic of space clearing. Here’s why I’ve made this change…

During the 20 years I lived in Bali, the main focus of my work was space clearing. I am recognized as the world’s leading authority in this field, and my website is the “go to” location for knowledge on this topic.

I am also a leading expert in the field of clutter clearing, and since moving to the UK in 2010, there have been many developments in this area, including a range of highly effective online courses and a professional clutter clearing practitioner training.

It’s therefore time for a website change to reflect this, and also to resolve ongoing confusion between the terms “space clearing” and “clutter clearing” (some people think they mean the same thing, which of course they do not).

At you can now:

  • Make online course bookings
  • Access my online store
  • Read Karen Kingston’s blog featuring articles about clutter clearing, feng shui, healthy homes, and other related topics

Anything to do with space clearing remains here at, including all the articles in my Space Clearing blog.There are some cross-links between the two sites, of course, and a handful of duplicate pages for ease of reference.

This has been a major move, so there may still be a few broken links and anomalies to fix. Please feel free to let me know if you discover any I may have missed.

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Is it OK to space clear while pregnant?

Pregnant womanI keep getting asked this question and am always glad when people take the time to check because the answer is most definitely – NO.

It definitely is NOT OK space clear when pregnant, or when breastfeeding for that matter. It’s fine to do physical clutter clearing, which is one of the preparatory steps for space clearing, but not the whole 21-step space clearing ceremony. This is clearly explained in my book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, but somehow some people miss this information when they read it, or try to do space clearing without reading the book at all.

If human babies were hatched from eggs like chickens are it might be a different matter, because the egg shell provides a degree of etheric protection. But a baby in a womb is connected directly to the mother and is very etherically open and vulnerable. Everything that happens to the mother washes through it, and if the mother conducts a space clearing ceremony then she will be exposing the baby to energies that it is not equipped to handle.

Some of the space clearers I have trained have taken time out from professional work to have a baby, and they report that the same is also true during breastfeeding. Energetic residues from the stagnant energies that are cleared during a space clearing ceremony pass into the mother’s system and make her breast milk taste so bitter that most babies will refuse it for a few days until her body has processed it out. This can be very distressing for both mother and baby. So space clearing is also not recommended during breastfeeding.

Many pregnant women instinctively feel the urge to clean, tidy and prepare the “nest” as the time of the birth approaches. My own mother told me that her waters broke when hanging new curtains, and I’ve heard many similar stories. Preparing for the birth of a baby is certainly one of the most important times to do space clearing so that the space is as energetically clean as possible. Particular attention needs to be given to the baby’s bedroom and other rooms in the home where it will be spending the most time.

So who can do the ceremony if the pregnant mother can’t? One option is for their partner to do it, if they have read my book and feel confident to do so. Or a professional space clearer can be called in – someone who has taken my training and maintained their skills. But beware of ‘cowboy’ space clearers, no matter how well-meaning, who offer their services without any professional training at all. They can seriously mess up the energies in your home.

It’s fine for a pregnant woman to be present during the setting-up stage of the space clearing ceremony (hand sensing, creating the space clearing altar and activating the flower offerings in all the main rooms of the home) and during the harmony ball process at the end. But she will need to step out of the building during the clapping and belling circuits, which is when the heavy duty clearing work is done.

One final note. With a home birth, it’s best to have a space clearing done both before and after the birth, because birth energies can be pretty chaotic. It’s usually only necessary to space clear the room that was used for the birth, not the whole home.

So what can pregnant mothers do themselves? Clutter clearing! Pregnancy is a wonderful time to cast out the old to make room for the new, and will really help to satisfy that nesting instinct.

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How to do personal belling

Large Balinese bellA lesser known use of Balinese space clearing bells is a technique called personal belling. I often recommend this to participants taking my online Fast Track Clutter Clearing course because it can make the difference between getting stuck at some point in the process and being able to carry on.

Personal belling has a centering and uplifting effect that can help you to be more decisive as you sort through your things, and can bolster your energy if it starts to flag.

It’s probably not worth buying a bell just for this reason, but if you happen to have one anyway that you use for space clearing your home, knowing how to use it for personal belling is a lovely added bonus.

Which type of bell is it best to use?
Balinese space clearing bells are available in large and small sizes, and it is the large bell that works best for this purpose, although you can get some of the same effects with a small bell.

I’ve tried using other types of bells, such as Tibetan ones, and have found that they don’t work for personal belling. They don’t have the purity of tone that is needed, and can leave you feeling like you ran a sheet of rough sandpaper through yourself instead of the gentle polish that was required.

How to prepare for personal belling
Find a quiet place in your home, as far as possible from external sounds, and turn off any equipment in the room that makes any kind of mechanical noise. Choose one of the following positions:

  • Stand vertically with your legs slightly apart
  • Sit on the edge of a chair with your legs shoulder-width apart and your spine as vertical as possible
  • Sit cross-legged on the floor with your spine perfectly straight, your legs relaxed, and your knees resting on the floor (as an experienced meditator sits)

All three positions work equally well, but don’t lean against the back of a chair or against a wall. Your spine must be self-supporting.

The personal belling technique
If you are right-handed, use your right hand. If left-handed, use your left. Hold the bell vertically in front of you at the level of your base chakra, a few inches/centimetres from your body. Close your eyes.

Ring the bell once and then move it vertically upwards over your navel, past the centre of your chest, your throat, and your forehead, finishing above your head, as far as your arm will reach while still holding the bell vertically. Before the sound of the bell fades, twist it 180 degrees in a clockwise direction as seen from above, which will have the effect of sealing and reinforcing the effects of the belling.

Breathe in as you raise the bell and receive the sound in your central channel of energy, which runs up the centre of your body. Hold your breath briefly at the top when you twist the bell, and then breathe out and take a few deep breaths before ringing it again and repeating the technique.

Do the belling three times in all.

Don’t overdo it
Some people find that they like personal belling so much that they do it many times a day and get completed spaced out. I don’t recommend this. Once per day is enough, and doing it any more than this will be counter-productive for clutter clearing because you need to be well grounded for that.

Other uses
You can also use personal belling as a centering technique, any time your thoughts or emotions feel scattered. But again, once per day is enough. It is not designed to be an emotional therapy substitute.

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Space clearing to give a new relationship the best start

Couple holding handsAn important time to do a space clearing ceremony is when you start a new relationship that you feel may have some serious mileage and that you want to give the best possible chance of success.

New relationship, new home
It’s always best to live together in a home that neither person has ever lived in before, so that each partner has the same degree of ownership of the space. Space clearing will remove the stagnant energies and imprints of the previous occupants so that you can create a fresh new arena in which your new relationship can flourish.

The steps of the space clearing ceremony are described in detail in Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, and the best way to prepare for it is for you both to put some focus on the qualities of your relationship that you value the most. When you come to the harmony ball circuit near the end of the ceremony, use it to deeply embed those qualities into your new home.

New relationship, old home
However desirable it may be to start a new relationship in a new home, practicalities can often mean that it is not possible for a while, or sometimes not possible at all to do this. In this situation, space clearing is even more essential to clear out the history of the partner who lived there first, and the most important parts of the ceremony to focus on are clapping and belling.

Clapping breaks up the lumps of stagnant energy that accumulate in corners, and belling penetrates deep into the walls, furniture, and other objects in the place, shattering the layers of imprints that have built up there. I’m not talking here about just any kind of clapping and belling. The techniques are very specific – a circuit of sharp, crisp clapping, beginning and ending at the main entrance, followed by a circuit using a high quality Balinese bell (they are the only bells I have ever found that are capable of shattering imprints effectively). And of course the preparatory steps to the ceremony have to be performed first for these circuits to be effective. Short cuts do not work. Each circuit is designed to build upon the foundations of the previous one.

Ideally the space clearing is best done by the new partner moving in, not the one who has lived there for a while, because their energy is already embedded in the place. Or better still, hire one of the professional space clearing practitioners I have trained, who will be impartial and can set the space equally for both partners.

I’m not claiming that this will magically make your current home the ideal place to live in forever. Space clearing can’t change the visual and territorial associations of the partner who lived there first. But it can remove the energetic imprints and balance the situation out much more, so it’s well worth doing.

New relationship, old home that an ex-partner once lived in
The worst case scenario is starting a new relationship in a home that one of the partners previously shared with an “ex”, meaning an ex-wife, ex-husband, or ex-lover. The longer the partner lived there, the more heavily imprinted into the place their energies will be, and the more likely it is that the new relationship will go the same way as the old one. History will tend to repeat itself.

Using the hand sensing technique I have developed on the walls and furniture of such a home, it is very easy to tell which rooms the “ex” spent the most time in, which chairs they sat in, which objects they used the most, and so on. Mattresses are generally the most heavily imprinted. To the new person moving it, it can feel like there is no room for them until the imprints of the previous partner have been cleared out. A new mattress is a must, and a deep and thorough space clearing as soon as possible. Again, it will not magically transform the home into the ideal place for you both to live together forever, but it will certainly help things along until that can be arranged.

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