How to use harmony balls

Karen Kingston • Aug 3, 2014

Harmony balls are used in the final part of the space clearing ceremony to infuse your space with new, higher frequencies. The technique for doing this is described in Chapter 7, Step 7 in Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui.

They can be used in two different ways:

  • Personal
  • Neutral

Harmony ballsA personal harmony ball is one that is infused with your own personal frequencies. You can re-use it if you repeat the space clearing ceremony at a later date in the same place or a new home you move to, but don't use it in someone else's home because it will already have your frequencies in it.

A neutral harmony ball is one that is not infused with anyone's personal frequencies. It can, therefore, be used again and again in your own home, or as part of the ceremony you do for a friend or relative who has asked for your help. In some circumstances (see below), two or three neutral harmony balls may be needed.

Space clearing your own home

If you have a clutter-free home with small to medium-sized rooms, all you will need is one personal harmony ball, which comes with its own wooden stand in a satin-lined box. If you share your home with a partner, you can both use the same harmony ball, or use individual ones if you prefer.

If you have a cluttered home or one that has large rooms, then the sound of a solitary harmony ball can get lost in the space. You will need one or two extra neutral harmony balls to give more oomph to this part of the ceremony. Beautiful hand-carved wooden plates are available to put the neutral harmony balls on so that they don't roll around on the space clearing altar.

Space clearing the home of a relative or friend

You'll need a new harmony ball for each place you space clear so that your relative or friend can fully infuse it with their own frequencies. You will also need one or more neutral harmony balls to use yourself during the ceremony (professionals use three for best effect).

Repeat space clearings

The effects of space clearing diminish over time as new residues of energy build up in a place, so it is recommended that you do a complete space clearing ceremony at least once a year to maintain the energy of your home in optimum condition. You can also do the ceremony if you have a major change in your life, feel stuck in some way, or have some other reason for wanting to refresh your space.

You do not need a new harmony ball for this. You can use the same personal harmony ball you used the first time you did the ceremony and infuse it with new frequencies.

The exception to this is if you previously shared your harmony ball with a partner and you are no longer together. In this situation, using the old harmony ball would reconnect you to mental and emotional associations with the past. You will need to start again with a brand new one that is only infused with your own frequencies. Please dispose of your old harmony ball responsibly, by sending it for waste metal recycling (it's made of brass) rather than just throwing it in the trash.

How to clean harmony balls

Harmony balls are made of brass, which tarnishes when exposed to air. You can easily clean your harmony ball by gently rubbing it with some proprietary brass cleaner and a soft cloth.

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