Comments from Space Clearing workshop participants

There were some extraordinary moments in this workshop when time seemed to stop and I became aware of there being so much more happening in the unseen worlds than I have ever felt before. It felt real, tangible, actual, and so natural. I didn't want it ever to end. - F.B.

The beautiful ceremony in this workshop was a complete surprise to me. I know you say that Space Clearing creates sacred space but I realize I had no idea before what 'sacred' actually feels like. I don't suppose any person brought up in the West can possibly know unless they have an experience like this. - B.W.

I contacted sacredness for probably the first time in my life. - A.L., England

This was awesome! There is a great deal to digest and incorporate. - B.S., USA

It was a life-changing experience that has put me on a whole new track of thought. I came in as one person and leave as myself and more. I am so pleased to have had the experience of learning from Karen. Today's workshop was incredible. I truly appreciate that Karen comes from love and a high level of integrity. The energy sensing exercises were wonderful and extremely useful. Thank you for sharing at such a sincere level. - W.F.

The feeling of this class was completely different to the other classes. It was much more uplifting and very informative. Karen lights up the room with her smile. - C.D.

I am rarely impressed with how space is held in workshops. Karen’s transmissions and way of holding space are potent – the most potent I have ever experienced. – L.F., USA

The highlight of the day was the way Karen had made the room so incredibly special when we walked in. The offering was so beautiful. The meditation made time stand still. This was the best day, and I just wanted more - maybe a two-day workshop on this subject. - J.A., U.K.

Today was amazing . The energy in the room was incredible. – L.F., Italy

Today’s workshop was incredible . I truly appreciate that Karen comes from a high level of integrity. The energy sensing exercises were wonderful and extremely useful. Thank you for sharing at such a sincere level. - W.F., USA

The entire presentation was a joy . This is the second time I've taken the workshop and the information was just as interesting and enlightening as the first time. Thank you for sharing your incredible energy, presence and knowledge. - Y.M.

The opening ceremony was amazing . It gave me a glimpse of what can happen if you pursue connecting to your ‘Higher Self’. It’s something I will never forget.– A.P., Singapore

I love Karen's boldness and directness . It's so good to hear someone speak about the higher realms in a way that can be understood. So needed in the world right now. - B.V.


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