What’s so special about Balinese bells?

Balinese space clearing bells

When I first began space clearing in 1978, the only piece of equipment I had was an English school bell that I had won in a raffle. It was just what I needed at the time but it did not take me long to realize that I would need a much better quality bell than that to do effective space clearing.

I lived in England then, and not being able to find anything better I did the next best thing and acquired a range of smaller bells. Instead of doing just one circuit of my home with my clangy school bell, I added several extra circuits, using progressively smaller and higher pitched bells, refining the energy more and more each time. This involved a lot more mileage and the result was better, but still very far from what I knew it could be. I tried many different types of bells from all over the world but was never really satisfied.

Then in 1990, I discovered Bali and Balinese bells, and my space clearing work moved to a whole new level. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be writing this today if I had not discovered Balinese bells back then. I quickly found that one circuit with a Balinese bell did the same job as using all the other bells I had and much, much more.

What’s unique about Balinese bells

The sound, of course, is beautiful. I’ve never heard any other bells that even come close to the pure, resonant tones of Balinese bells. But what is unique about them is that because of the way they are crafted and the metals they are made of, they amplify stuck energies. You can literally hear the sound of the bell momentarily fade as you walk past a stuck area and then hear the sound return to full volume one pace further on. In my space clearing workshops, I demonstrate this effect by taking a number of volunteers from the audience and ringing a Balinese bell close to the front of each person’s body, from base to crown chakra. Even people who have no experience of working with energy can easily hear how the sound of the bell changes as it passes over areas where there is stuck energy, and how different each person sounds.

Another unique quality of the bells is that when the sound is intentionally directed into the walls and furniture, they have the ability to shatter embedded imprints, clearing the history of past events in each of the rooms more effectively than any other kind of bell I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried hundreds!).

Which size bell do you need for your home?

There are 2 sizes of bell — large and small:

  • The large Space Clearing bell is needed for homes with many rooms or large size rooms, and can also be used for smaller homes or smaller rooms. In other words, it’s multi-purpose.
  • The small Space Clearing bell is only suitable for smaller homes (1 or 2 bedrooms), or homes that have small rooms.

The main difference between the two bells is the size of dome, which determines the volume of sound. Put simply, larger rooms require a larger volume of sound. They also have slightly different handles, and different sizes of carved wooden bell stands.

Is using cheaper equipment better than doing no space clearing at all?

People don’t realize how connected they are to the spaces they occupy and how much they are affected if their space gets messed up. It is much better to wait and save up to buy the right equipment for the job. Other types such as Tibetan bells, Tingshaw cymbals, and so on, are not designed for space clearing and are not of high enough quality to be used for this purpose. And improvising with a wind chime or other sound-producing object will have no effect at all.

You can find more information and photos on my online store, and I will be happy to answer any questions about bells in the comments section below.

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5 Responses to What’s so special about Balinese bells?

  1. judith says:


    Once purchased, can the bell be used by different individuals people in their own homes , then another person use it to do space clearing in a different home, and so on.

    Or should it be used by an individual as their own bell.

    How can the bell be cleaned of negative energy that it has collected ( I do not mean clean as in polish)

    Kind regards

    • Hi Judith

      In the Caring For Bells section in Chapter 8 of my Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui book I explain that it is a matter of personal choice whether you let others handle your bell or not. However, if it is important to you to maintain the purity of its vibration, I recommend that you are selective about who touches it and why. Objects that are used for sacred purposes need to be treated respectfully, used only for the purpose they are intended for, and are very much more effective when used only by one person whose energies they become attuned to.

      In Chapter 9 of my book you will find information about how to make holy water to use in the space clearing ceremony, and this can also be used to cleanse your bell. However, if you do not invite or allow anyone else to touch it, the sound of the bell will self-cleanse it each time you ring it.

  2. Martha says:

    Why is it less expensive to purchase the small bell and stand separately than together?

    • The regular prices are as follows:
      Small Space Clearing bell – £145
      Small bell stand – £28
      Purchase separately = £173
      Purchased together = £165 (saving £8)

      During February 2017, there is a 20% discount on the Small Space Clearing bell but not on the small bell stand, because we have limited stocks of those. So the prices are as follows:
      Small Space Clearing bell – £145 discounted to £119 (saving £26)
      Small bell stand – £28
      Purchase separately = £147
      Purchased together = £165 (£18 more expensive)

      This means that during February 2017 only it is best to purchase these items separately rather than together, although they can still be shipped in the same order.

      Hope this clears up this little mystery for you.

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