Vision without sight

To begin a space clearing, clutter clearing or feng shui consultation, the first thing I do is to go around the inside perimeter of the space, sensing the walls, furniture and objects that are in it. From this I can read the history of what has happened there and how it is affecting the current occupants, for better or for worse.

People often ask me how it is possible to do this, and the best way I have found to explain it is to make an analogy with the way we read a book with our eyes. How is it that we can run our eyes over a printed page and translate all those symbols into meaningful concepts and information? In a similar way, I am able to read etheric and astral imprints embedded in walls, furniture and objects with my hands. My hands become my eyes.

I have always maintained that this is not a psychic ability. It is one that anyone can learn, and I have successfully taught the basics of the technique to thousands of people who have participated in my space clearing workshops, and more advanced levels to the space clearing practitioners who train with me.

The artist with no eyes

This week I heard about a man, sightless from birth because he was born without eyes, who has developed what sounds to me to be a similar method of seeing with his hands. So much so that he has become famous for the paintings he creates.

‘No-one can call me blind,’ he says. ‘I can see more with my fingers than sighted people can see with their eyes.’

His name is Esref Armagan, and he was born and lives in Turkey. His astonishing grasp of colour, light, composition and perspective has fascinated scientists, who have conducted many experiments to try to understand how he does it.

From my standpoint, his most interesting paintings are the portraits, which he creates by asking a sighted person to draw the outline. He then turns the photograph over, feels the contours with his left hand, and does the painting with his right hand. There is a portrait of Bill Clinton on his website which bears a remarkable resemblance to the man, and this YouTube video shows how he immerses himself in the space and uses his fingers to put onto canvas what he ‘sees’ in his mind.

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