Why virtual space clearing doesn’t work

If someone claims to be able to virtually space clear your home, I’m sorry to say they’re either misguided, ignorant or deliberately deceitful. It can’t be done from a distance.

Virtual space clearing

Professionals around the world are scrambling to offer virtual versions of the services they offer and this can work very well in many cases. However, I’m starting to hear ludicrous tales about space clearing professionals, bereft of their usual income, deciding to take their services online. They sit at home, ring a bell over a floor plan of someone’s home, and declare it to be energetically clear. That’ll be $500 for a minute’s work, thank you very much.

What utter nonsense.

Even if they do a more elaborate ritual, it’s still utter nonsense.

If virtual space clearing were possible, I wouldn’t have bothered to travel three times a year around the world for so many years to do space clearing in people’s houses and apartments. I would have saved myself the time, effort and expense of all the international travel and made a small fortune without ever bothering to leave home.

Why virtual space clearing doesn’t work

What well-meaning but ignorant or downright unscrupulous people offering virtual space clearing services don’t understand is that for it to be effective, there has to be a direct engagement with the etheric and astral energies of a space. That’s what brings about the change in the energies. Ringing a bell or doing any other kind of ritual from a distance will have no effect at all. The space clearer has to be there in person.

Unfortunately, many space clearers haven’t done the years of personal development work that are necessary to develop the subtle body structures to be able to cognize etheric and astral energies in buildings. They work blindly, using techniques they read in a book or were taught by someone who had no direct experience of this either.

So even if they read this article, they won’t know what I’m talking about. It’s a perfect example of what’s known as the Dunning-Kruger effect — a cognitive bias in which people who are ignorant or unskilled are too ignorant or unskilled to know that they are. It’s comical in some ways but tragic in others, especially if you’ve paid for the services of a virtual space clearer who doesn’t know what they don’t know.

How space clearing works

Space clearing, when done correctly, addresses a number of different types of energies that can accumulate in buildings.

The first level is stagnant etheric energies that build up over time as a result of everyday life and especially around clutter. It’s the equivalent of physical dust at an energetic level. So if you imagine for a minute what your home would look like if you had never dusted it and then transpose that image into how much stagnant energy there must be if you have never space cleared it, you’ll soon appreciate how much your home would benefit from a clearing.

Because you are connected to your home and the items in it, any stagnant energies will have a corresponding stagnating effect in your life, causing you to feel stuck. Space clearing is designed to clear and revitalize those stuck energies, which in turn gets your own life moving again.

The next level of space clearing deals with astral imprints and this is the reason why most people decide to hire a professional to help them. If your life is working well and you are living in a brand-new home or are fortunate to live in a property whose previous occupants were happy, healthy and successful in ways that were meaningful to them, you won’t need this. But if this is not the case, space clearing can be truly life changing.

Everything that happens in a space is imprinted in the walls, floors, ceiling, furniture and objects. So the longer you live in a place, the more these types of energies will build up. And if you move into a home that has previously been occupied by other people, their astral imprints will still be embedded and will affect you, whether you are aware of them or not. Repetitive or traumatic events will be the most deeply imprinted and will have the most effect. They are also the most difficult to clear. Different techniques and more advanced skills are needed to do this effectively.

There are other higher levels of space clearing that I won’t go into here. The point I am making is that even the fundamental levels of space clearing that address stagnant energies and astral imprints cannot be achieved without direct etheric and astral interaction with the space. And there can be no direct etheric and astral interaction from a distance.

Put simply, this is why a virtual hug over the internet is nowhere near the same as hugging another person in person. What’s so nurturing about a physical hug is not actually the physical contact but the etheric to etheric merging that takes place. As you will know if you’ve ever really missed someone, you can feel their love through a video call, a phone call, an email or a letter. But the etheric warmth of their love can only be fully experienced when you hug them in person.

Can clutter clearing be done from a distance?

Some people use the terms “clutter clearing” and “space clearing” interchangeably. So to avoid any confusion here, I want to make it clear that they are very different things.

Space clearing is the art of clearing and revitalizing energies in buildings.

Clutter clearing primarily involves clearing physical objects that are no longer loved or used out of a space. There are also deeper levels of clutter clearing that address mental, emotional and spiritual types of clutter.

For space clearing to be effective, it’s best to do physical clutter clearing first. And unlike space clearing, this can be done from a distance using the video camera that all smartphones, tablets and laptops have built-in these days. Certain skills are needed to do virtual clutter clearing effectively, it’s true. But it can definitely be done. Unlike space clearing, no direct etheric or astral interaction with the space is required, so Richard and I have been working with people all over the world in this way for years.

Since virtual space clearing isn’t effective, what can you do?

There really are only two options:

One is to wait until the coronavirus situation in the world has been resolved and professional space clearing has resumed.

The other is to simply roll up your sleeves and do it yourself.

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