Things are not always what they seem

Flower stalks

In my travels around the world, I must have left a trail of utterly baffled hotel housekeeping staff in my wake, who have had to dispose of waste bins full of beheaded flower stalks that I leave behind, such as the one pictured here that I created during a recent consultation tour around Scotland.

‘Who would do such a thing?’ they must wonder. ‘Who would rip all the flower heads off such a huge bunch of flowers? Why on earth would they do that?’

The answer, of course, is that they were left over from the space clearing ceremony I did the day before, which involved copious quantities of flower heads. When I’m on the road, a hotel bin is the most convenient way to dispose of the stalks after a ceremony if a client doesn’t happen to have a compost heap. I arrive with a bucket full of beautiful flowers and leave with a sorry looking mess of stalks and leaves.

Flowers are an essential part of space clearing, and are used to create offerings that are placed on the space clearing altar, as you can see in the example below. Each offering consists of a small plate, a tea-light candle, and some flower heads:

Space Clearing altar

This particular altar design is known as “New Beginnings”, and is used when a space clearing is being done to facilitate a new start of any kind, such as a new home, a new career, a new relationship, or any new phase of life. One offering is placed on the altar for each room of a home, excluding bathrooms, toilets and utility rooms (although you can include these too if you really want to), and the offerings are then taken, one by one, to each room, and activated, using the method described in my space clearing book.

Of course the hotel housekeeping staff never see the breathtaking beauty of the altars I create using all the flower heads that are picked. They only see the bedraggled flower stalks that are left behind in bins.

Which really is a life lesson for us all. How often do we judge something by what we can see, when there is actually much more to the story than we will ever know?

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