The kiss line

The kiss line

Developing etheric awareness is an essential skill for anyone wishing to develop space clearing skills beyond beginners’ level and, in the process of doing so, there is something you are likely to come across that I call the kiss line.

There are two main types of loving relationships in which you can experience it. One is with a sexual partner, when you lie naked next to them, your bodies touching. The other is with a baby, child, friend or close relative, when you have some part of your skin resting in contact with theirs. You both need to be very relaxed, comfortable with each other, and perfectly still.

With a sexual partner it is easiest to feel if you are lying side by side rather than physically intertwined with the other person, but with practice you can tune in to the kiss line in any position.

Put your awareness on the line between you where your physical bodies touch and feel what is happening energetically in that space. If you and your partner both have a degree of etheric awakening, it will feel as if your skins are kissing each other all along that line.

It’s as if every possibility that exists between you is in that line, in an exquisitely condensed quintessential form. There is an intelligent knowingness, with multiple interchanges of energy and information each second. The more love, openness and honesty there is between you, the greater the energy exchange and level of bliss. Conversely, if there is anything one of you is hiding from the other, the effect is diminished accordingly.

Women who’ve had exquisite experiences when breastfeeding their babies will know exactly what I’m talking about, even if they’ve never put it in these terms before.

This is not something you will find if you lie naked next to your pet, by the way. Yes, there is something that can pass in the love between humans and pets, but it cannot be compared to what I’m describing here. The kiss line is essentially human.

Copyright © Karen Kingston. First published 2011. Updated 2016.

About Karen Kingston

Karen Kingston is the world's leading authority on space clearing and a leading expert in clutter clearing. Her first book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, has sold over one million copies in 16 languages, and her second book, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, has sold over two million copies in 26 languages.

3 Responses to The kiss line

  1. mandy says:

    aahhh Karen this is a beautiful article. Breastfed 4 babies. Insist on rolling up shirts and touching bare bellies when I hug my husband (when we are alone). So much more exchanges and lights up at this interface than felt through material. Now it has a name, I can feel into it more.

  2. Stefanie says:

    Thank you Karen, for this article. I made attempts to feel this. Sometimes when my husband or my son are under stress it feels like they are emanating an electrical energy, that is not at all agreeable and sometimes I can hardly bare to touch them, when they are in this state. Do you have an idea, what this is all about.

    All the best from Germany

    • Hi Stefanie

      The human consists of not just a physical body but also a number of subtle body structures. The Kiss Line is a very poignant experience of the etheric body (life force energy), whereas what you are describing is an experience of your husband’s and son’s astral bodies when they are under stress (the astral body consists of a person’s mind and emotions). When you are in a more etheric state and they are in a more astral state, there is no compatibility.

      The pace of life is much faster than that lived by our ancestors because we live much more in our astral body these days whereas they mostly lived close to Nature and were more etherically based. As essential aspect of maintaining good health and relationships in our modern world is to balance the astral and etheric parts of ourselves, so that the astral does not dominate too much.

      This is a huge topic and if you are interested to learn more, the best source of information I can recommend is a Knowledge Track published by the Clairvision School, titled Subtle Bodies: The Fourfold Model. Unfortunately their website does not give any further information about it, but the link I have provided is where you can order a copy (scroll down – it’s the 12th title on the list). The Knowledge Tracks are quite pricey because they are self-published, but well worth it for the wealth of information they contain.

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