Why it’s not OK to do space clearing with young children present

Never do space clearing with babies or children under eight years old present. Please be sure to make arrangements for them to be taken care of elsewhere during the ceremony.

Child with harmony ball

Why it’s not OK to have children present

The main reason it’s not OK to have young children, and especially babies, present during a space clearing ceremony is because they are vulnerable to picking up energetic debris that is cleared during the ceremony. They are also very sensitive to energy shifts and may become unsettled while the space clearing is going on, which means you would have to stop what you are doing to attend to them.

Another reason is that everything needs to come to a standstill in the home while the ceremony is in progress. This means that children will need to stop playing games, and all electronic equipment such as TVs, computers, tablets, phones and other gadgets will need to be turned off .

Which parts of the ceremony can children participate in?

It usually works very well for children who are three years old and above to come back into the home for the harmony ball part of the ceremony, near the end. They can be present while you’re frequencing the harmony ball, and if you have an extra one to give to them to use, they can join in the circuit where you go from room to room, shaking out the new frequencies into the space. You, the adult, must be the one who does the actual frequencing (you can’t give that level of responsibility to a child), but they can certainly follow around behind you.

Most kids really enjoy this, and because they’re smaller than adults, they can get into places you wouldn’t be able to, such as under tables and inside closets. It’s very cute to see!

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  1. Hi Karen
    I would like to do some space clearing in a home that is fairly new to us. I think you have mentioned previously that you are updating your book from the 90s – is it ok to follow the method in there or have things changed a lot and you have updated your space clearing instructions?
    Many thanks

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