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My husband, Richard, is Australian, so he thinks nothing of travelling 450 miles (about 725 km) to Scotland to buy a car, have a game of golf, and then drive home the next day. For Aussies, that kind of distance is like a weekend stroll in the park.

On his way back to England, on one such expedition, he decided to find a hotel for the night, and called to let me know he’d been able to get a suite with a huge bed and jacuzzi for a very reasonable rate. It turned out he was in Gretna Green, the elopement capital of the UK, and was staying in the hotel’s penthouse wedding suite because no-one had booked it that night. Being Australian, he’d never heard of the place or its reputation. He just thought he’d got a bargain.

Energy imprints

Something we always do when travelling is to hand sense the energy of any hotel room we stay in, and he had a field day with this room. The suite had seen a lot of passionate love making in its time and, having never been space cleared, the imprints were still plentifully there, not to mention all the stress, exhaustion and first night performance nerves of newly married couples.

Which brings me to a use of space clearing that is a must for energetically aware people who don’t want to spend the first night of their marriage sleeping in the chaos of so many other people’s wedding night imprints.

The techniques for this fall well outside the scope of the general space clearing information in my books or blogs, but the professionals I have trained know how to go into such a situation and clear out all the imprints in the space, to leave it fresh and vital for the wedding night ahead.

Space clearing

Unlike most other types of space clearings, it’s not necessary for anyone else to be present during the ceremony, which is just as well because the bride and groom will have many other things on their mind on their special day. All that’s needed is for access to be arranged for the professional space clearer an hour or two before the suite is to be used by the newly weds.

Some wedding planners now incorporate this expense into the wedding budget, and if they want to go even further, they may also ask the space clearer to turn up early to space clear the venue where the wedding ceremony will be performed. This isn’t possible for church weddings where the building has already been sanctified, and it’s probably also not be possible for weddings performed in premises specially licensed for marriages, where the time window allowed is not sufficient or permission would not be given. But it’s very viable for situations where a private venue is hired and the wedding celebrant comes there, or for the venue that’s used after the ceremony for the wedding reception.

Space clearing public locations such as this has some important differences to the steps described in my book for private homes, but the professionals I have trained know how to do this and very much enjoy being part of such a happy occasion.

Some couples have even asked me to conduct a special ceremony for the marriage too, or for a renewal of vows ceremony. But here I draw the line. Restoring integrity to the energy of a space is very different to orchestrating the forging of lifelong vows. That’s not what space clearing is for.

But using it in all the ways I’ve already described is a wonderful gift to the bride and groom, and was an absolute ‘must-have’ that Richard and I gave ourselves when we got married years ago. Nothing can guarantee a lasting union between two people but getting a marriage off to the best possible start certainly gives it the best possible chance of success.

How to find a space clearing practitioner

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