Space clearing for a fresh start in a new home

One of the primary uses of space clearing is to clear out the energies of previous occupants when you move into a new home. It can make a phenomenal difference.

New home

When you go for a meal in a restaurant, you expect a clean table, not one with other people’s food spills still on it.

You order your food. You expect clean plates and eating utensils, not ones encrusted with previous customer’s meals.

You move into a new home. You expect a clean space to give you a fresh start. But if anyone has lived there before you, this is usually not what you get. You get the equivalent of a dirty table or plate, imprinted with the energetic residues of the previous occupants to some degree or another.

Predecessor energy

In feng shui, this is called “predecessor energy”, and clearing it is one of the main uses of space clearing.

If the building is a fairly new one and the previous occupants were happy and healthy, then then it will be easy to space clear (continuing the restaurant analogy, the equivalent of a sweeping up a few crumbs).

But supposing you move into a place where the lives of the previous occupants did not go so well (the equivalent of a table piled high with dirty dishes and cockroaches crawling all over the restaurant – sorry to be so graphic). Failed relationships, financial difficulties, chronic health problems and many other human woes may be imprinted in the walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures and any furniture or other objects in the place. After you’ve lived there for a while and got soaked in the imprints, you’ll probably start to experience similar issues yourself. They tend to cause history to repeat itself.

People in this situation often lament, ‘It all started going wrong when we moved here’. But unless they know about space clearing, they rarely put 2 + 2 together and realize the source of the problem may be the energy imprints in their new home.

Space clearing

Moving to a new home is one solution for this, although an expensive and time consuming one. If there are serious feng shui design flaws, or if the building has geopathic stress or strong electromagnetic fields that are health hazards, then this may be necessary. But if it’s just a matter of clearing out predecessor imprints, a deep and thorough space clearing ceremony will do the job.

If you’re fit and in good health, you can do the ceremony yourself, following the 21 steps in my book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui. Otherwise call in the services of one of the professional space clearers I’ve trained, especially if the place is very deeply imprinted.

To give you an example from my own life, my husband, Richard, and I once visited Sydney in Australia for a couple of months and rented four different self-catering apartments during that time to experience living in different parts of the city. Each had substantial predecessor energy of one kind or another when we arrived, which initially made us feel like we didn’t want to stay there. But space clearing cleaned them up immediately. Even we were surprised at the difference the ceremony made in the last place we stayed, which had had quite a bit of usage and initially felt beyond redemption.

These were not cheap rentals, by the way. We paid a good rate for them and they were generally well furnished and fitted out. But vacation rentals can have imprints of hundreds of previous occupants and these were as saturated as they come.

The beautiful thing about space clearing is that it allows you to clean up the energies of any place you live in so that you can truly have a fresh start there and make it your own. There’s no need to live with anyone else’s leftovers ever again.

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9 Responses to Space clearing for a fresh start in a new home

  1. Have you ever found it a problem to space clear a place where other people are close by? The space clearing bells make a mindshuttering sound and I just couldn’t imagine using them in any densely populated areas without early and thorough warnings to those who would hear it. Not just because of the huge discomfort to bystanders but also for fear someone should take it for a fire alarm and call for fire department.

    1. Actually you are the first person to ever comment on this. The sound of Balinese space clearing bells is so unique that if people comment on at all it is to say how beautiful the sound is.

  2. I moved into a foreclosed property that had only one owner. On top of that, while it was listed, the pipes burst because the realtor left a balcony door open in the winter. My first week there, I was cleaning the kitchen & discovered a top shelf filled with glassware. I mistakenly tipped the shelf forward and all of it came crashing to the ground. Within the next few days, I called someone I know who works in the Metaphysical arena, and asked if she could do a cleansing (& she did!). I might have done this for any one of these reasons, but knew for sure I should after the glass breaking!

    1. Space clearing is definitely recommended when you move into a foreclosed property to clear out the predecessor energies. However the type of accidents you have described had perfectly logical physical explanations so I just want to point out that I would not recommend space clearing as a remedy for that, and metaphysical cleansing is an entirely different process. If you feel it helped you, then I’m glad to hear it, but I don’t rate it at all myself.

  3. I’m planning on moving and I was wondering how to do a proper space clearing ? Or if you could direct me to someone who could do a proper space clearing for me?
    I really want to start off right this time 🤗 Thanks!

  4. Hi Angela

    Here are links to a couple of blogs on the topic you have asked about:

    Space clearing for home improvement projects
    How to survive home renovations

    In short, it’s best to space clear both before and after renovations. There are property developers I work with who engage my services to do just that because they have discovered that it makes the building work go much more smoothly and also enables them to sell the property much more easily and for a better price after the work is complete.

  5. After moving house 2 years ago I went back to the house I left in a hurry because of very difficult circumstances. I got all my clothes, ornaments, books, etc, and since then all I want to do is get rid of them even though I washed and cleansed everything. I have given away a lot of items to charity shops and neighbours. All my books, which I have read and grown from over the years, and also a lot of family pictures are sitting in my hallway until I get a bookcase and place for them. I feel they are pulling down my energy and I was very sick for 3 days after they came. Can you please advise me what to do?

    1. How to clear energies in objects explains how to clear secondhand items. This can also apply to items you already own that have become imprinted with other people’s energies by being kept in their home for an extended period of time. However, I suggest you also read Chapter 15 of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, which explains the difference between negative associations you have with things and the frequencies emitted by the items themselves. Space clearing can deal with the latter, but not the former. For that, the easiest solution by far is to simply let the things go, especially if your life has continued just fine for the two years you have been without them. My article, Radical clutter clearing will give you some insights into how freeing this can be.

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