Is it possible to space clear a car?

Space clearing is the art of clearing and revitalizing energies in buildings. But what about cars? Is it possible to use space clearing techniques to clear energies in cars too?

Space clearing a car

After experiencing what a difference space clearing can make to their home, some people get to wondering if it can also be used for cars, especially second-hand cars that are heavily imprinted with the energies of their previous owners.

How space clearing works

Space clearing primarily addresses two types of undesirable energies in buildings.

The first type is stagnant energies that build up over time in the same way that dust and cobwebs do. Like physical cleaning, it’s easy to clear these types of energies if you do it regularly but it becomes harder if they are left to build up. Stagnant energies in your home will have a stagnating effect on aspects of your life too, so it is very beneficial to space clear at least once a year to remedy this.

The second type of energies that space clearing can clear is astral imprints. These build up in layers in the walls, furniture and other objects and retain the history of what has happened in a space, often causing it to be repeated. So, for example, if the previous occupants of your home were depressed, those energies will be imprinted in the space and can cause you to feel depressed too.

Astral imprints are more difficult to clear. More advanced skills are needed and a high-quality Balinese space clearing bell is essential. I have not found any other types of bells that can do this. Clearing astral imprints also makes the most noticeable difference to the way a space feels so it is well worth doing. The first time is usually the most challenging and it becomes easier if a place is regularly space cleared.

Why space clearing a car doesn’t work

Cars are predominantly made of metal and plastic and are designed for driving around in. Buildings are made of materials such as stone, brick and wood and are usually designed to be stationary.

So there’s a big difference between them in terms of their physical and energetic properties, and that’s why the space clearing techniques designed for buildings don’t work in cars. Clapping in cars or ringing bells in cars, for example, is a complete waste of time. It doesn’t do anything.

However, stagnant energies and astral imprints do build up in cars. So what can you do?

How to change the energy of a car

Top Gear fans may remember the very entertaining episode of Top Gear in June 2011 titled The Second-Hand Convertibles Challenge (Series 16, Episode 4, Part 1 and Part 2) where Clarkson, Hammond and May each buy a second-hand car and have them forensically tested to see what disgusting residues have been left in them by their previous owners. Between the three cars, remnants of food, vegetation, flakes of skin, scabs, snot, blood, saliva, pubic hairs, semen and faeces were found.

So the first thing you need to do when you buy a second-hand car is exactly the same as when you move into a new home – give it a deep and thorough clean. This will clear etheric as well as physical debris from the interior of the car. Taking it for a fast drive with the windows wide open will help too. The fresh winds of Mother Nature will clear any remaining stagnant energies for you.

Astral imprints need a different approach. Deep-acting cleaning products designed to draw dirt and grime out of car seats, carpets and car accessories can help with this. They get deeper into the astral matrix that holds imprints than general surface cleaning, vacuuming and polishing can do.

In the process, you also get to “own” your new car, which feels great. Deep cleaning every part of it and repairing whatever needs to be repaired presences it with your own frequencies and immediately makes it feel more like your car than the previous owner’s. It’s not the same as space clearing, but it’s what works best with a car.

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4 Responses to Is it possible to space clear a car?

  1. Dear Karen,
    I love your urging a deep clean on a ‘new’ used car: very healthy. I am interested in your perspective on a metal/plastic vehicle’s ineligibility for a Balinese space-clear. My own approach to those cars that have served me is that — as a box containing a machine, the engine etc — a car has a spirit. So I strive to relate constructively to that, just as I do with my computer and the other machines that benefit my life. Hope you’re still enjoying your return!

    1. Hi Kathryn – There are a number of cultures in the world where animism thrives (animism is the belief that all natural things have a spirit). I’ve visited many such cultures and asked them to show me what they mean by this. In all cases, I have found they are simply tuning into the etheric field that living things have. All plants, animals and humans have an etheric, but only humans have an individual spirit. That’s one of the main things that makes us so different.

      In these cultures, they understand that when trees are cut and when building materials and metals are mined, they are “killed” in the process. Some cultures have created special rituals to represence manufactured items, with varying degrees of success. The most effective I have ever found are the rituals that are used in Bali.

      The reason I am explaining all this is because the notion that a car has a spirit is a lovely thought but has no basis in reality. It’s a form of anthropomorphism, which is about attributing human traits to inanimate objects. It’s possible to develop an etheric relationship with some things, but unless a high-level ritual has been performed to presence it with specific spiritual forces, that’s all it will be. Metal and plastic do not easily lend themselves to any form of spiritual presencing so that’s why I say space clearing is not designed to work in cars.

    1. Each circuit of the space clearing ceremony begins and ends at the main entrance. So if a camper/caravan has a door through which people enter and leave then yes, it will be possible to do a space clearing ceremony inside it. However, the materials the camper/caravan is made of will limit how effective the clearing will be. Metal and plastic are not good anchors for high-level frequencies so the final part of the ceremony, where the space is permeated with new, higher frequencies, won’t work so well. Old-fashioned horse-drawn caravans made of wood will be fine, however.

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