About the new space clearing books

There have been so many developments in the art of space clearing since I wrote my first book about it that Richard and I are currently doing a complete rewrite.

Space clearing books

The question I keep getting asked at the moment is this:

I just purchased your book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, and I see you have stated on your blog how outdated it is. Are you saying the techniques are no longer of value?

Short answer

The basic steps of the space clearing ceremony described in my first book are still valid.

Longer answer

Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui was written in 1995 and published in 1996. It became one of the bestselling Mind Body Spirit titles at many bookstores around the world in the following years and sold over a million copies in 16 languages.

My next book, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui was published two years later in 1998. It has sold over 2 million copies in 26 languages and continues to sell well to this day.

Both books have become “must-read” classics in their respective fields.

Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui has been regularly updated and revised and is now in its fourth edition. But when I attempted to do the same with Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, I quickly realized it wouldn’t work. My space clearing knowledge and skills have moved on so much since that book was written that an entire rewrite is needed.

When I first started teaching space clearing to public audiences in 1993, I could cover everything I knew in the space of a one-day workshop. By the time I wrote Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui in 1995, I knew enough to teach on the subject for about two weeks. Today, Richard and I could teach a professional space clearing practitioner training for over a year without running out of material. The depth and scope of our knowledge and skills has developed beyond anything I would ever have believed possible when I first started pioneering this work.

The new space clearing books

The basic steps of the space clearing ceremony described in Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui are still valid but the explanations about them are now very out of date and no longer reflect how I do the ceremony or teach other people how to do it. The new book will be in two volumes and will explain much more about how space clearing works, when to do it, when not to do it, who can do it, who can’t do it, and everything that people need to understand in order to do effective space clearing in their own home themselves.

It will also include some elements that I left out of the first book because I didn’t know how to explain them at the time and now do. And it will exclude (and explain why) some techniques from the first book that are now redundant (salt and incense, for example).

There will be more information about the origins of space clearing, including a more detailed description of how I pioneered it and the developments that have taken place since 2004, when I was joined in the work by my husband, Richard. And the new book will give me the opportunity to correct things such as the strange example of a flower offering you can see at this top of this article, pictured on the front cover of the US edition of the book (I was not consulted about this image and cringe every time I see it).

I’m happy to say that Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui has stood the test of time, but Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui needs to be left now to go out of print and be replaced by the new books that Richard and I are writing together, which we intend will become the go-to guide for twenty-first century space clearing.

When will the new book be published?

Publication is expected to be in 2022.  The exact date will be announced on my website and blog, when known. If you’d like to be notified by email, you can either sign up to receive my free monthly newsletters or click here to specifically request it.

Is it OK to space clear using the information in the old book until the new one is available?

Yes. The essence of the basic steps of the ceremony described in Chapters 6 and 7 of Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui is still the same. But when you read the new book, it will be very clear why such a major update and rewrite is needed. There is so much more to space clearing than I was able to convey in the first book. The new one will help people to go much deeper and obtain substantially better results.

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About Karen Kingston

Karen Kingston is the world's leading authority on space clearing and a leading expert in clutter clearing. Her first book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, has sold over one million copies in 16 languages, and her second book, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, has sold over two million copies in 26 languages.

6 Responses to About the new space clearing books

  1. I am so excited about the new book!!! If it makes you feel any better, Karen, I only recently (as in, in the last month or so!) realized that the photo on the cover of the US edition was actually supposed to be a Space Clearing flower offering! I just assumed it was some sort of minimalist “zen” image that some marketing person had slapped on there and never gave it a second thought!

  2. It’s fantastic news you are doing a new book, your book creating sacred space still holds a special place in my heart as I really resonated with it when I brought it when it first came out. I will look forward very much to your new book. Thank you.

  3. That is great news, Karen. Your Clear Your Clutter book really helped me out at a difficult time and is still one I go back to. I love listening to the audiobook too. But the earlier book was one I felt I never really grasped so I am looking forward to a second chance with it soon. However, have you considered the pressure on your Bali bellmakers of thousands of eager readers trying to source bells once the book comes out? From what you have written before in your blog, I understand that a bell is not something that can be mass produced to suit the market.

    1. Hi Aideen – I’m taking a longer view here. Thousands of people have purchased Balinese space clearing bells from us over the years and my first priority is to write the book for them, to allow them to do space clearing with greater awareness and depth. For those who come later and discover space clearing through the new book, some may have to be patient if my Balinese bellmaker is not able to keep up with demand. That’s what happened when my first book was published and I found that people were willing to wait because the quality of the bells is so exceptional. Hopefully they will do so again.

  4. Denise Linn wrote those books. You are just copying her work calling it your own. Riding on her tail. I won’t be buying your books or use your techniques. Denise will do me just fine

    1. Denise Linn wrote the foreword to my Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui book. This is mentioned on the book cover, so I can only assume that is how you have jumped to the odd conclusion you have reached. In fact, there are no similarities at all between her methods of space clearing and my own.

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