Space clearing bells

Balinese space clearing bells

Someone who purchased a large Balinese space clearing bell recently wrote to ask where she could purchase another two bells with higher tones in order to follow the instructions in my Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui book.

In the book, I explain, ‘In the past, I used to use maybe four or five different bells in any one space to get the desired effect, using smaller and smaller bells each time, and refining the energy in stages. Then I discovered Bali and Balinese bells.’

This book, published in 1996, is now very out-of-date. I am now writing a completely new book about space clearing that will include many revisions and updates. I should have added in the first book that using a high-quality Balinese bell removes the need to do so many circuits. Just one Balinese space clearing bell and one circuit will do, providing you have the right size bell for the size of rooms in your home. My apologies for any confusion this may have caused over the years the book has been in print.

To clarify further:

Small space clearing bells are designed for rooms up to 25 square meters (approx. 250 square feet).

Large space clearing bells are designed for any size rooms from small to 100 square meters (approx. 1000 square feet).

If you happen to live in a palace, you will need to contact one of the professional space clearers I’ve trained, who have bells that are designed for rooms of any size.

Professional space clearers actually use two bells – a temple bell and small space clearing bell. It can take a year or more to train them how to use them effectively together, and I personally have to test up to 400 small space clearing bells to find a perfect harmonic match for each temple bell. This combination of bells is therefore very expensive and only available to practitioners.

So, to make it totally clear, a large or small Balinese space clearing bell is all that is needed for anyone doing space clearing for themselves in their own home. They are the highest quality bells I have found anywhere in the world for space clearing purposes, and they are available to anyone who would like to own one.

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About Karen Kingston

Karen Kingston is the world's leading authority on space clearing and a leading expert in clutter clearing. Her first book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, has sold over one million copies in 16 languages, and her second book, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, has sold over two million copies in 26 languages.

6 Responses to Space clearing bells

  1. “I will be publishing a completely new book about space clearing next year that will include many revisions and updates.”
    Will the new book contain all the previous content you still feel is accurate, or should I keep the old book as well?

    1. I know so much more about space clearing now than I did 17 years ago when I wrote ‘Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui’ that I have decided not to update or revise the book but to write a completely new one, with a new title and and approaching the topic from a completely different standpoint. The old book is still useful at the moment to give the correct order for steps to performing a space clearing ceremomy, but I very much doubt that anyone will want to keep the old book when the new one is out.

  2. Hi Karen,

    Please advise as soon as your new book is published. I wish to clear my home and family business.
    Many thanks.

    Richard Collins

  3. Dear Karen

    During the last years, I have done a couple of space clearings according to the instructions from your books. I can perceive the effects immediately and tangibly, and I have the impression that the effects are becoming profounder each time I do it. Thank you for sharing this great practice with us! 🙂

    One question I have got related to space clearing: I read a lovely novel about a Balinese pedanda recently. The book contains scenes describing how he prays and meditates in the morning ringing his bell and making tirta. I noticed from my own space clearings how the continuous ringing of the bell balances and frees my bodily energy flows in a tremendous way (besides the effect it has on my home). Now I wonder whether I could use the bell in my meditation practice. Would its ringing after a space clearing interfere with the wishes and impregnations I projected into my home? Would they be shattered?

    Thanks a lot for your reply. Kindest regards,

    1. Hi Steffen

      The use of Balinese bells is not restricted to space clearing, but I am wondering why you think ringing a bell would be a useful part of a meditation practice. Meditation is all about stilling the mind and accessing higher spaces of consciousness, so why you would want to pull yourself out of that state by ringing a bell?

      This recorded interview with Samuel Sagan may help to reframe the purpose of meditation for you

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