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I didn’t include information about altars in the original version of my book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, because back in 1996 I was only teaching those skills to professional practitioners, and I also was not able to offer any altar cloths for sale. It took me many years to put together a team of the most skilled weavers in Bali to produce the high quality products that are now available from the Space Clearing online products store.

All altar cloths and colourizers are made of cotton silk and metallic gold thread, hand-dyed to exact colour specifications and hand-woven on looms. There’s a heck of a lot of work involved. To give you an idea, a large altar cloth takes 20 whole days to make. A small altar cloth takes 12 days, and a miniature one 8 days. A set of nine large colourizers takes 45 days and a set of nine small colourizers takes 27 days. And a lot of patience because it’s such intricate, exacting work.

The weavers are all female, and all work in their own homes with their families around them rather than in some terrible sweatshop. They are lovely people who’ve been with me for years and understand the care that needs to go into creating items that will be used for sacred ceremonies.

An altar is used in Space Clearing to create a symbolic representation of the focus for the ceremony and an anchorage for the frequencies of change it is designed to bring about. Taking the time to do this increases the effectiveness of the ceremony so much that I always include a section about it in my workshops now, and will be including a substantial chapter about it in my new space clearing book.

In the meantime, I’ll post some articles here to explain the use of the different colours and altar designs, which I hope you’ll find useful.

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