Space clearing after a divorce or break-up

After a divorce or a break-up, you want a fresh start. But if you continue living in the home you shared, the imprints of your relationship will still be there.

New life

When a couple splits up, the person who moves out has to find a new place to live. That can be pretty tough. But if you are the person left behind, you will have a different kind of problem to contend with. You will be left with all the energy imprints in the home of everything that happened there.

Those imprints will be in the walls, the furniture and especially in the bed you shared together. The history of good times and bad times will all be mingled together and if the relationship did not end well, there will be a layer of stress, arguments and unhappy times overlaying everything else. It’s very difficult to pick up and carry on living in such an environment. There is also the problem that these imprints can cause history to repeat itself if you begin a new relationship while living in the same place.

How space clearing and clutter clearing can help

When a relationship ends it’s therefore ideal if each partner can start a new life in a new home. However, there are many situations when this is not possible. If you have children, for example, it can be very destabilizing for them to have to move and perhaps leave their school and their friends. Moving can also be just too expensive to even consider.

This is where space clearing can help a lot. Clearing out the frequencies of the old relationship and infusing your home with new, higher frequencies will make it much easier to build your life anew. Be sure to include bed thwacking too, to help to clear out the imprints from your mattress.

It would be a good idea to also read Chapter 15 of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui which explains how to free yourself from negative or non-productive associations you may have with items in your home that are associated with the old relationship.

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  1. I spent much of a year on the sofa due to a long term health complaint. After I recovered, I used your thwacking on the sofa and the cushions to help myself move on from the negative patterns of the illness. In time I hope to replace the sofa and cushions but until then, the act of thwacking has helped me strengthen my resolve to move on.

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