Space clearing after a burglary

Space clearing after a burglary

A traumatic event such as a burglary leaves an imprint in a home, in a very similar way to how your skin becomes scarred as a result of a wound. Just as the skin is open and painful for a while and there is the risk of infection, so a distressing event can make you feel vulnerable and hurt for a while, and there is the possibility of deep-seated emotions being triggered.

How space clearing can help

Our home is an extension of ourselves. Its physical boundary marks the perimeter of our space and the area we permeate with our energy. When an intruder breaks in, it causes an energetic violation of the space, and this feeling can linger long after the event. In some cases, especially if there’s been a physical confrontation with the burglar, a person can feel so traumatized by the event that they never feel safe in their own home again.

This is the type of situation where space clearing can be very effective. It doesn’t magically bring back any valuables that were stolen, but it can restore something equally precious — a settling of the emotions of the occupants of the home and restoring their sense of safety..

How to space clear after a burglary

The technique for space clearing after a burglary is the same as the 21-step ceremony described in my book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, with special emphasis on the belling and harmony ball circuits. The belling circuit is when the most vigorous clearing of energies is done, and the harmony ball circuit is when new, higher frequencies are instilled in the space.

Whether you do the ceremony yourself or have someone else do it for you will depend on how experienced you are at space clearing and how traumatized you feel by the burglary. If you’ve never done the ceremony before, this is probably not the best time to start. But if you are familiar with it, already own a space clearing kit and feel confident about doing each of the steps, it can be very empowering to do the ceremony yourself to re-own your space.

Another option is to ask a close friend or relative to do the space clearing for you, but it will need to be someone who knows you very well, is a frequent visitor to your home, has already space cleared their own home and was able to get a tangible result. However well-meaning they may be, do not invite someone who is none of the above but is willing to have a go. That can cause more problems than it solves.

Professional space clearing

The best remedy of all is to have a professional space clearing done to deeply remove the imprinting caused by the burglary and quickly restore integrity to the space. All the certified space clearers in my International Directory of Practitioners have done extensive training to be able to work with clients at this deep level. The sooner it’s done, the better, but the ceremony can also be conducted months or even years later, if necessary.

Can you be present during the ceremony?

If you feel very affected by the burglary, it will be best for you to step outside the building during the clapping and belling circuits but it’s fine to be present during the rest of the ceremony. In fact, it can be very healing to witness the part where offerings are activated in each room of the home, and to participate in the harmony ball circuit towards the end of the ceremony.

Other types of support

In addition to the help that space clearing can provide, there are victim support organizations in most countries that offer free counselling and practical help to people who’ve been traumatized in some way, so I suggest you do some research to see what’s available in your area. Life certainly brings its challenges at times but there’s help available these days if you just know where to look.

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4 Responses to Space clearing after a burglary

  1. Melanie says:

    Hi Karen, we recently moved into a rental home. I found out just after we moved in, that there had been a burglary in the house just prior to us arriving. Since then there have been LOTS of arguments within the house, despite all the saging and feng shui attempts I have made. I have only just discovered you (where I have been?!), and was having a look at your space clearing bells to help restore harmony in the home. The question is, I am on a budget and was thinking of purchasing the smaller one and going room by room rather, than the larger one…our home is a standard Australian 4 bedroom 2 bathroom single storey home…would this work? or do you sincerely believe that I would be better off saving up for the larger bell? I appreciate your honest reply. Thank you! xx

    • Hi Melanie

      Smudging with sage is not a space clearing technique, so I’m not surprised to hear that this has not helped you.

      To do space clearing effectively, working by room will not work. You will need to do the entire house, following the 21-step ceremony described in my book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui and using the recommended space clearing equipment.

      The size of bell you will need is determined by room size. So if your rooms are all less than 25 square metres in size, a small space clearing bell will be fine. If they are larger than this, you will need a large bell (the sound emitted by the large bell is considerably louder than that of the small bell).

      I hope this information is helpful. Feel free to ask more questions if you need to.

  2. Melanie says:

    Hi Karen, thank you for such a speedy reply! I have the floor plan and it says that the lounge room (being the biggest in the home) is 6.2 x 5.5m, so I have absolutely no idea of measurements, but I am assuming this means that the smaller one is good?

    Just wanted to check, as the internal floor plan reads as 174.4m square.
    Thank you! Melanie.

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