Space clearing a guest room

If you invite someone to stay in your home, space clearing the guest room before they arrive is a wonderful way to make the person feel very welcome and comfortable.

Guest room

If you have already space cleared your home within the last year, all that will be needed is a quick clearing just for your guest room to freshen the energy, especially if it has been used a lot or not at all. It won’t take long to do, and can make a huge difference to how it feels.

Many guest rooms become a dumping ground for things you need to let go of. The prospect of guests arriving to stay can also be a great motivation to clear out any clutter of this type that has crept into the space.

After your guest(s) leave

Hopefully you won’t have the type of guests who leave your home feeling like it needs a good space clearing to clear their energies out and reinstate your own. But if this does happen, you can now do something about it.

If the only room affected is the bedroom the guest(s) slept in, just space clear that room. If a large part of your home has been affected, a full ceremony for the entire property will be needed.

Staying as a guest in someone’s home

If the situation is reversed and you go to stay in a friend’s home as their guest, is it OK to space clear the room you stay in? The answer is no. Not unless your host invites you to do so or you ask their permission and it is freely given.

The reason is that space clearing permanently changes the energy of a space, so although you may only be there for a short time, the clearing will have a lasting effect. Depending on the techniques you use and your level of skill, the change in the energy of the space can be dramatic, and while you may enjoy the results, your host may like the room just the way it is. Since you’re there as their guest, it’s only right to respect their wishes.

Hotel rooms, on the other hand, are fair game. You pay to use the room for a night and providing you’re considerate of other guests and don’t disturb them by clapping and ringing bells at some unearthly hour, it’s fine to do space clearing. No permission is required.

You may also want to consider bed thwacking (see the related article link below).

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