Space clearing a guest room

Guest room

If you invite someone to stay in your home, it’s fine to space clear the room they stay in. Hopefully most of you who follow my blogs already do that, to make your guest feel as welcome and comfortable as possible.

But what if the situation is reversed and you go to stay in a friend’s home as their guest. Is it OK to space clear the room you stay in?

The answer is no. Not unless your host invites you to do so.

The reason is that space clearing permanently changes the energy of a space, so although you may only be there for a short time, the clearing will have a lasting effect. Depending on the techniques you use and your level of skill, the change in the energy of the space can be dramatic, and while you may enjoy the results, your host may like the room just the way it is. Since you’re there as their guest, it’s only right to respect their wishes.

Hotel rooms, on the other hand, are fair game. You pay money to use the room for a night, and providing you’re considerate of other guests and don’t disturb them by clapping and ringing bells at some unearthly hour, it’s fine to do space clearing. No permission required. You may also want to consider bed thwacking (see the related articles below).

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One Response to Space clearing a guest room

  1. D. Ikeda says:

    I was wondering if you have any other tips on space clearing hotel rooms. Do you routinely travel with a few candles, a plate for an altar and your bell? Is it possible to just do the clapping when traveling if you don’t have your bell with you? Will be traveling for a few weeks later in the year but need to travel quite light and your lovely bells are a bit large for a teeny suitcase. Bed thwacking looks like a great idea that we can definitely use while traveling. Hope they have some strong clothing hangers where we stay:)

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