Why it feels so good to sleep in your own bed

Have you ever wondered why it feels so good to sleep into your own bed after you’ve been away travelling for a while? It’s because your bed holds your imprints.

Sleep in your own bed

The reason it feels so good to sleep in your own bed is partly to do with the comfort factor of your own mattress, pillow, bedding, and so on. But there are is also a deeper reason that I have discovered as a result of conducting space clearing consultations around the world over the last 35+ years. It’s all to do with understanding how energies are imprinted.

Energy imprinting

We all leave a trail of energy behind us wherever we go in much the same way that we leave a trail of human skin flakes in our wake (about 80% of most household dust is human skin). We leave energy imprints in the places we visit and especially in the items we touch. The longer we spend in a place and the more we touch the objects in it, the more imprinted the place and the objects become.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that the most deeply imprinted item in most people’s homes is their bed. Over a period of time you imprint your energy into your mattress so when you lie on it, it feels like “coming home” to yourself.

I’ve had the opportunity to energy sense hundreds of homes and read many kinds of imprints that people leave in walls, furniture and personal belongings. But it’s beds that are the most absorbent and the most revealing of all. By energy sensing with my hands, I can read just about everything there is to know about a person from their bed. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, sexually – whatever is happening in their lives, it’s all imprinted there. It’s not just that mattresses are very absorbent, it’s also that this is usually the place a person spends the most time in any 24-hour period in the stillest and most energetically open state.

One of my space clearing students who was having difficulty learning hand sensing hit upon a brilliant way of developing it. She had her young son lie down next to his bed and alternately energy sensed him from head to foot and then energy sensed his bed from head to foot until gradually she was able to feel the similarity with her hands. If you try this yourself, note that you don’t actually touch the person or the bed – you run your hands a few inches above them, reading the etheric field.

There is a sliding scale of imprintability I’ve developed in space clearing that calibrates building materials. The least imprintable materials in their solid state are metal and glass which, incidentally, is one of the main reasons why a front door made from either of these materials is a feng shui no-no – it isn’t able to anchor the energies that a front door is supposed to (wood is a much better choice). At the other end of the scale, porous materials such as soft furnishings (mattresses, sofas, etc) are the most imprintable. As a simple guide, if you were to pour a glass of water over a substance, the more saturated it would become, the more receptive to energy imprinting it is too.

First the good news…

Some energy imprints are very desirable. A large part of what makes a house a home is imprinting it with your own energy. This also explains why a place with soft furnishings feels more homely. It’s partly the comfort factor but also the degree of imprinting that is possible. Homes with steel or glass furnishings may look sleek and elegant, but these materials are difficult to imprint so the place never feels very welcoming or nurturing.

Now the not-so-good news

Imprinting also brings with it a number of problems that most people are not aware of.

Firstly, all energy imprints gradually lose their vitality and stagnate so if you don’t do something about it, your life will start to stagnate too. Imagine what your home would look like if you never physically cleaned it. There would be layers of grime and cobwebs everywhere. Well, that’s what most homes are like on an energetic level.

Another problem is that everything that happens in a space is imprinted in the walls and furniture, so if you want to move on from the past you first need to clear out the old imprints. Otherwise history just repeats itself and you never move forward in your life.

Take the example of a bed belonging to a couple in which one of them has previously had a relationship with someone else. When I hand sense such a bed, I find that there are three distinct energies that can be felt – each of the current partners, and also the previous lover. Essentially there are three people’s energies in the bed, not two, and because of this, the current relationship is very likely to end the same way the previous one did. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

How to clear energy imprints

I’ve done many consultations where someone has started a new relationship and is living in the same property that their partner lived with his or her ex. This is never ideal because it always feels like the first person to live in a place has a greater degree of ownership than the person who comes to join them. There is also the problem that the energies of the previous partner need to be cleared out so that new relationship can flourish.

Space clearing can help with this, but something more is needed when it comes to clearing out energy imprints in the mattress. A good guideline is to get yourself a new mattress every 10 years, and sooner if you start a new relationship that you are serious about and want to succeed. The basic rule is: New relationship, new mattress. Or even better: New relationship, new mattress, and a new home that neither of you have lived in before.

If you can’t afford a new mattress just yet or have a fairly new one but it’s imprinted with history you want to move on from, there is a technique I’ve developed that you can use. It’s called bed thwacking, and while it’s not as good as buying a completely new mattress, it’s certainly the next best thing.

Sharing your bed with a partner

Some couples like to keep to their own sides of the bed and they always sleep this way. I find it very easy to discover this when hand sensing because the individual imprints are very clearly defined.

So here’s a wonderful tip if you sleep like this and your partner goes travelling and you miss them: Just snuggle into their side of the bed and wrap yourself in their energy imprint. You’ll be amazed how good it feels.

If you’re in the kind of relationship where you and your partner often switch sides of the bed you won’t be able to experience this effect when they’re not there, but on the other hand, your energies will be more interwoven so you’re likely to be a lot more open to each other at deep emotional levels than couples who stick to their own sides. On the other hand, in order to keep the relationship healthy, there’s a lot to be said for having phases of each partner maintaining their own individuality. You can experiment a little to find out what works best for you.

Another important tip for creating and maintaining a happy relationship is: Never discuss your problems in bed. Why? Because that’s what gets imprinted, and then you go to sleep in that space, with your problems swirling around you all night long.

If you must discuss issues with your partner before sleep then move to another place, preferably not in the bedroom at all. Keep your bed as a clear space for sleep and intimacy. And NEVER sleep in the same bed with unresolved arguments between you. You’ll be engaged in astral wars all night long that do long-term damage to a relationship. If you can’t resolve an issue between you before the end of the day then it’s best for one of you to sleep somewhere else in the home that night and work through the problem in the fresh light of the next day.

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9 Responses to Why it feels so good to sleep in your own bed

  1. Thank you Karen for such a timely article! I have just spent a month staying at an Airbnb cottage while away from home for work. I wake up every morning so happy and filled with energy. It never occurred to me that part of that joy had to do with the bed I am sleeping on. You see, I am the first person to sleep on this bed/mattress; it has no one else’s energy but mine. When I return home I’m replacing my 15 year old mattress and looking forward to more mornings of joyful waking!

    1. The bed thwacking technique I mention in the article is one of the best ways to refresh the energy of a mattress after a period of illness. Ideally it is best done by someone else who is in good health. For someone who does not have such help available, they would need to wait until they are fully recovered. When there is a serious or chronic illness, the best policy is to take the mattress outside into the open air to thwack it rather than doing it in the bedroom.

      Ah, how I wish they practised this in hospitals! They understand such matters in Bali and do bed thwacking regularly in homes, and especially in hospitals, but in “civilized” westernized countries sick people’s beds usually have layers of imprints that make it very much more difficult for them to get well.

  2. I travel widely for work and hotel beds present their own special challenges. Some nationalities have a tradition of making the bed up with great vigour and I’ve learned which hotels employ the best chambermaids! When travelling, I always sleep on the ‘other’ side of the bed from the one I do at home – somehow this seems to alert my brain that, yes, I can have a good night’s sleep but no, we aren’t at home. Thanks for a truly fascinating article.

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  4. Hi Karen what is the best way to imprint good energies on a new mattress and make it your own? I purchased a mattress this year but it took so many months for it to feel like my own. For the longest time the energy just felt like “nothing,” like it was empty. Thanks!

    1. Hi Dana – It takes time for an item to become imprinted with your own energy. There are advanced methods we teach to professional space clearing practitioners that enable them to very effectively remove all imprints and also to speed up the imprinting process if they wish to, but that is not something I can explain in a few words here that would of any use to you.

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