Red altar cloths & colourizers

Red altar cloth (close up)Red is used in a space clearing ceremony to bring in the frequencies of motivation, action and accomplishment. It’s available in small and miniature size altar cloths, and large and small colourizers.

Red is an active, fiery colour. It’s all about getting things done, which is why its most common use in space clearing is for situations where there is clutter clearing to do.

Use a red altar cloth as the basis for your whole altar if you’re drowning in clutter. If you’ve made some progress but it’s still an issue in your life, then a red colourizer on the altar will be sufficient. Place the colourizer in the central vertical position on the altar if clutter clearing is the main focus, or in a side position if it’s an ongoing project but doesn’t have top priority at the moment.

The red frequency is also used on a space clearing altar to place focus on spurring you into other types of action such as starting new projects or finishing old ones. In other words, it’s for overcoming all kinds of procrastination and inertia.

It can also be used when there is a need to improve stamina or physical fitness, achieve goals, develop will, or become more dynamic, vital or decisive.

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