Purple altar cloths & colourizers

Purple altar clothPurple space clearing altar clothsPurple altar cloth close-upPurple colourizersAn altar is used in space clearing to create a symbolic representation of the focus for the ceremony and an anchorage for the frequencies of change it is designed to bring about. This increases the effectiveness of the ceremony enormously.

Altar cloths are available in a range of colours. This article explains how purple is used.

About purple
Purple is used in space clearing ceremonies to anchor the frequencies of prosperity and empowerment.

Of course laying a purple cloth or colourizer on an altar doesn’t magically make money drop into your lap or make you feel more self-assured. But what has been observed time and time again is that taking the time to get clear about your focus for the space clearing ceremony and creating an altar that symbolically depicts this very much increases its effectiveness.

These hand-woven Balinese altar cloths and colourizers, created with an intricate weave of metallic gold thread, provide the best anchorage for these frequencies in the context of the ceremony. They are also extraordinarily beautiful to touch and see.

They are made by the most highly skilled weavers in Bali, and it takes 20 full days to make a large purple altar cloth, and 12 days to make a small one.

When to use a purple altar cloth
The primary use of a purple altar cloth is when prosperity or financial issues are the main focus of a space clearing ceremony. It’s also a good colour to use when you need to boost self-esteem or emphasize personal empowerment, particularly if you’re facing a situation where you need to take control of your life and make some decisions.

When to use a purple colourizer
If the creation of wealth or boosting self-esteem is a consideration but not the main focus for a ceremony, it is best to add it to the altar in the form of a colourizer rather than an altar cloth. It can also very helpful to include on an altar if you’re the kind person who has trouble saying no, or who tends to put other people’s needs before your own, sometimes to your own detriment.

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