How to do personal belling

A lesser-known use of Balinese space clearing bells is a technique that I called chakra balancing in my first space clearing book and is now more accurately called personal belling.

Personal belling

Uses of personal belling

I often recommend the personal belling technique to participants who take my online Fast-Track Clutter Clearing course because it can make the difference between getting stuck at some point in the process and being able to carry on.

Personal belling has a number of uses. In the contact of clutter clearing, it has a centering and uplifting effect that can help you to be more decisive as you sort through your things. It can also bolster your stamina if it starts to flag.

You probably won’t want to buy a Balinese bell just for this reason. But if you happen to have one anyway that you use for space clearing your home, knowing how to use it for personal belling is a lovely added bonus.

Which type of bell is it best to use?

Balinese space clearing bells are available in large and small sizes. The large bell is the the type that works best for this purpose, although you can get some of the effects with a small bell.

I’ve tried using other types of bells, such as Tibetan ones, and have found that they don’t work at all for personal belling. They don’t have the purity of tone that is needed. They can also leave you feeling like you ran a sheet of rough sandpaper through your energy, which is not a good experience at all.

How to prepare for personal belling

Find a quiet place in your home, as far as possible from external sounds, and turn off any equipment in the room that makes any kind of mechanical noise or causes a flow of air through the space (fans, air-conditioning, etc). Stand with your legs slightly apart, so that you are stable, and keep your head and spine vertical.

The personal belling technique

If you are right-handed, use your right hand. If left-handed, use your left. Hold the bell vertically in front of you, with the dome at the level of your root charge (just below your genital area) and a few inches/centimetres from your body.

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths to centre yourself. On each exhale, completely relax and let go, emptying your mind of all thoughts as you do so.

At the end of the third exhalation, ring the bell once and move it vertically upwards over your navel, past the centre of your chest, your throat, and the cerntre of your forehead, finishing above your head, as far as your arm will reach while still holding the bell vertical. Before the sound of the bell fades, turn the handle 90 degrees in a clockwise direction, as seen from above, which will have the effect of sealing and reinforcing the effects of the belling. If the sound of the bell does not last long enough, you will need to ring it again more vigorously.

Breathe in as you raise the bell and receive the sound in your central channel of energy, which runs up the centre of your body. Hold your breath briefly at the top when you twist the bell, and then breathe out and take a few deep breaths before ringing it again and repeating the technique.

Do the belling three times in all.

Don’t overdo it

Some people find that they like personal belling so much that they do it many times a day and get completely spaced out. I don’t recommend this. Three rings of the bell once per day is enough, and doing it any more than this will be counter-productive for clutter clearing because you need to be well-grounded for that.

Other uses of personal belling

You can also use personal belling as a centering and uplifting technique, any time your thoughts or emotions feel scattered. But again, once per day is enough. And I don’t recommend doing personal belling every day for an extended period of time. It can be very helpful for a while if you are going through a challenging period in your life, but not to the point where you depend on it to balance your energy. It is not designed to be an emotional therapy substitute.

More detailed information about personal belling has been included in the new space clearing book I am currently writing with my husband Richard, the two volumes of which will be published later this year.

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4 Responses to How to do personal belling

  1. Dear Karen

    Thank you for sharing this technique. I have got one clarification question about the sealing: When you say “twist it 180 degrees in a clockwise direction as seen from above” does that mean turning the bell 180° around its vertical axis so that it is held upside down? Or is it a horizontal half circle the dome describes? (Sorry, maybe the instruction is clear for English natives and my comprehension issue is just due to English not being my native language.)

    Many thanks and kind regards,

  2. Will belling help with depression and able to get things done around the house. I not able to get things done because I feel stuck and unable to know where to start. How much do the bells cost and can I do the techniques by myself?
    Thank you,

    1. Personal belling can be used as a centering and uplifting technique, and I explain more about this in the Fast Track Clutter Clearing online course that I teach. It sounds like you would also benefit from taking my Zero Procrastination online course, which follows on from that and guides participants through the process of restructuring their life top down, so that it becomes purposeful.

      You can find information about the cost of purchasing a space clearing bell here.

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