Space clearing when you move into a new home

Moving house

One of the most important uses of space clearing is to clear out the predecessor energies of previous occupants when you move to a new home and land your own energies in the space. Until you do this, it will never be truly yours. There will always be residual energies from the past affecting everything you do there.

If you move into a completely new building that no-one has ever lived in before, you might think this wouldn’t apply, but in my experience space clearing is still very helpful. It clears out any energies left by the builders and harmonizes the space after the disruption of all the building work, so that it immediately starts to feel like a home. Without space clearing it can take much longer for this to happen.

Is it best to space clear before you move your furniture in, or after?

Well, it’s definitely easier to space clear an empty building than one that’s full of stuff, that’s for sure. The same number of offerings are required but it’s a lot quicker and easier to walk around the space, and certainly less energy sensing, clapping and belling are required.

However the space clearing ceremony I’ve developed is not just designed to clear the stagnant energy that builds up over time in the walls, floor and ceilings of a house. It also very effectively clears the energy of objects such as furniture, decorative items, equipment and personal belongings. So it really is best to do space clearing AFTER you’ve moved your stuff in, not before. It’s also good to do it as soon as possible so that you’re not living with the energetic crud of whoever occupied the space before you (known as predecessor energy in feng shui terminology).

Why it usually works best to space clear twice

When you first move in to a place, it’s usually chaotic for a while. You may have workmen coming in and out, fixing this and that. You may need to redecorate, have new carpets laid or buy new furniture. And it can take a while to simply decide where each item you own belongs in your new home.

When all this has been done and everything calms down, it will feel very different to when you first moved in, and you’ll be different too. When your home is in chaos, parts of you are in chaos. When the energy of your home settles down, a deep part of you lands too. This is why it’s so important not to let this process drag on for years, as some people do. Weeks, okay. Months, understandable in some circumstances. Years? Life’s too short to live in limbo for so long.

The first space clearing you do soon after you move in is essential to clear out predecessor energy, but I also highly recommend doing another space clearing ceremony when you reach the point where everything is in place and your home is as you want it to be. This will allow you, and those you live with, to deeply land in the space, and will greatly speed up the process of making it truly feel like your home.

Professional space clearing or do-it-yourself?

Given the choice between calling in a professional space clearer to help with the first or the second space clearing, in most circumstances it would be best to get the deeper level of expertise for the second ceremony. The practitioners I train are taught advanced techniques to facilitate a very profound landing of a person’s energy in their home, which generally requires a much greater degree of skill than a predecessor energy clearing.

Of course there are exceptions to this, such as a situation where someone is moving into a new home where traumatic events have taken place, such as a divorce, bankruptcy, chronic sickness or some other kind of heavily imprinting occurrence. These are circumstances where it is usually best to get expert help right from the start. And if your home wasn’t space cleared when you moved in then any professional space clearer who I’ve trained will know how to combine both the first and second types of ceremonies into one and do them both for you at the same time.

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Space clearing to help clutter clearing

Clutter-free room

In Chapter Five of my Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui book, I explain how much better space clearing works if you do clutter clearing first. For some, that was where the bookmark stayed while they attempted to do this, and that’s why I wrote my second book, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui

While there’s no denying you’ll get a much deeper result if you clutter clear before doing space clearing, if you find yourself unable to get going with clutter clearing or unable to complete it, then my best advice is to skip it and do the space clearing anyway, just as your home is, no matter how untidy or cluttered.

The reason is that space clearing is the most effective way I know of loosening the stuck energy that accumulates around clutter. The ceremony works best if it’s done with a specific intention in mind, so for this first one you do, make clutter clearing itself your primary focus. It will make it very much easier to do.

You’ll probably find, as most people do, that after ousting your junk and reclaiming your space you will want to do the space clearing ceremony again, this time with the focus on you rather than your junk. So this is yet another example of how clutter makes everything harder work. You’ll be space clearing twice instead of once. But hey, at least your life will be moving forward again, and that’s what counts.

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How to use a miniature space clearing kit

Miniature pink space clearing kit

Designed for small homes

Miniature space clearing kits were originally made specially for use by Japanese people, many of whom live in very small homes. But they have also proved to be very popular with New Yorkers living in small apartments, and other people around the world living in tiny homes or studios, where a small or large altar cloth won’t fit the table space available.

Perfect for travelling too

Miniature colourizersSome people use a large, medium or small space clearing kit when they are at home and prefer to take a miniature kit with them when they go travelling because it takes up a lot less luggage space.

The colourizers are exceedingly cute, and fit neatly in a small satin-lined palm leaf box that has enough extra space inside to place a folded miniature altar cloth on top. The combined weight is approx. 525g (18.5 oz), or 300g (10.5 oz) without the box.

Can be used to create a personal altar

Miniature altar cloths and colourizers can be purchased separately to create a personal altar in your home. The gold threaded weave is of very high quality and looks and feels extraordinarily beautiful.

Special offer in January 2017

We don’t usually put any items on sale but in preparation for our move from the UK to Australia, for one month only, in January 2017, all miniature altar cloths and colourizers are available at half price, and you can save £100 on the purchase price of a complete miniature kit.

Miniature altar cloths are available in five colours:
White, purple, red, pink & orange
£30 each (usual price £60)

Miniature colourizers includes nine colours:
White, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, turquoise & purple in a small palm-leaf box
£80 (usual price £160)

Miniature space clearing kit
The complete kit consists of a small space clearing bell & stand, a harmony ball & stand, a miniature altar cloth (your choice of the available colours), and a boxed set of miniature colourizers
£275 (usual price £375)

Purchase until Jan 31, 2017 at the Karen Kingston online store (subject to availability)

How to choose the right colour for you
How to create a space clearing altar

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How to clear energies in objects

Wooden chest

Second-hand and inherited items have the advantage that they have usually finished outgassing, but they may be imprinted with energies from the previous owners that you would not want to live with.

An example

A vivid example that comes to mind is from the time when I visited the house of a friend, whose beloved grandmother had died and bequeathed the property to him. Not having met her, and knowing nothing about the cause of her death, I was quickly able to deduce from hand sensing an old wooden chest that belonged to her that she had suffered with colon cancer for a considerable period of time. The chest was deeply imprinted with the agonies she had endured. It also had layers of stagnant energy around it because of all the clutter that had been stored in it for many years.

Prior to this, my friend had been unable to understand why something he found so beautiful had made him feel so depressed after he placed it in his bedroom. He wanted to keep it because it reminded him of his grandmother but could feel it was affecting him in undesirable ways.

The space clearing ceremony I have developed is designed to clear stagnant energies and, depending on the skill of the person doing the clearing and how closely they follow the twenty one steps of the ceremony, it is possible to use it to clear astral imprints too.

On this occasion, I space cleared the entire house, including the trunk, which removed both types of energies from it. But there is also a technique, adapted from the space clearing ceremony, that can be used for individual items you inherit or second-hand items you buy, to clear the energies without having to do the entire space clearing ceremony each time.

It’s not a substitute for space clearing. I still recommend doing the ceremony at least once a year to keep the energy of your home fresh and clear, or more often if you have experienced any major life changing events. But it can be used for clearing specific items, as necessary.

Equipment you will need

  • Cleaning materials, suitable for the item
  • A Balinese space clearing bell

The technique

Step 1: Roll up your sleeves and clean the item to remove physical grime and etheric debris. Plain water is best unless it has a special finish that needs a particular type of cleaning product because water may damage it.

Step 2: Wash and dry your hands.

Step 3: Keeping your sleeves rolled up, clap above and around all the sides of the item to break up any stagnant energy surrounding it. If it has compartments, open them up and clap inside. If it has shelves, clap out each shelf. Gentle or muffled clapping won’t do a thing. The sound needs to be loud and sharp – the kind that reverberates around the room, and would seriously startle someone if you did it unexpectedly. If your skin is quite dry, using hand cream may help you to create a stronger sounding clap.

Step 4: Wash and dry your hands.

Step 5: The final part is to bell the item. Balinese space clearing bells have unique properties not found in any other types of bells. I’ve tested hundreds of different types over the last 40 years in my travels around the world, and have never found any that come anywhere close.

Ring the bell all around the item, while consciously directing the sound deeply into it. Don’t be timid. Ring the bell loudly and strongly. Shattering astral imprints takes quite a bit of will. The bell will help you but the depth of clearing that can be achieved will depend on the level of oomph you can put into it.

What to do if you don’t have a Balinese space clearing bell?

I’m sorry, but I don’t have any suggestions. This is the only method I know that truly works. Steps 1 to 3 will help to remove physical grime, etheric debris and some of the stagnant energies, but using a Balinese space clearing bell in Step 5 is the only way I have ever found of shattering astral imprints so effectively. You can try using other types of bells or other techniques but it won’t be the same.

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Energy imprints in second-hand things

New car

Ever wondered why it is that most people prefer new things to second-hand?

Apart from the fact that new things are generally in better condition than second-hand things, a large part of the joy of new ownership lies in the fact that they arrive in your life like a blank slate, ready for you to use and imprint with your own energy to make them feel yours.

The difference between second hand and new

You can save a lot of money buying things second-hand but the drawback is that they nearly always have some level of energetic imprinting from the previous owner. The more the item was used and the longer the person owned it, the more imprinting it will have.

Of course, if the previous owner was someone you love or respect, this can be a good thing. It’s also the reason why so many people seek to own an item that once belonged to a celebrity, because some of that person’s energy will be imprinted into it.

But most objects you acquire second-hand, including antiques, are unlikely to have such desirable histories. It’s pot luck. You have no idea what embedded imprints you’ll be taking home with you or how they will affect you. More often than not, they will have energies that hinder rather than help you in your life.

Most brand new items, by comparison, have no discernible imprinting. This is certainly the case with factory-made items where there has been no human handling at all. Manufactured items may have slight imprinting, and hand-crafted items or pieces of art in which the creator had some emotional involvement will have considerably more imprinting. In my experience, just as much discernment is needed when acquiring these types of items as with second-hand objects.

So, can anything be done to clear out imprints?

Well, yes. Space clearing is designed to do just this. Depending on the skill of the person doing it, it can be used to clear imprints from objects as well as from buildings.

Knowing how to do space clearing means second-hand things become much more appealing, especially in the case of items such as furniture. Second-hand furniture is generally a much healthier option than new because by the time you get it, it is likely to have finished outgassing. Modern furniture made of materials such as wood laminates, particle board, plywood, upholstery fabrics and foam can take anything between two to ten years to finish outgassing toxins such as formaldehyde, during which time you will be breathing in the fumes to some degree or other, depending on how well ventilated your home is.

So while it’s lovely to buy things new, when it comes to furniture or anything that outgasses, it’s a curious fact that these days second-hand is a much better option.

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