3 reasons to do a New Year space clearing

The New Year is one of the most obvious and effective times to space clear your home, to put the past behind you and give yourself a fresh new start.

Space clearing altar

Space clearing is the art of clearing and revitalizing energies in buildings. It’s a 21-step ceremony that I describe in detail in my book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, which has sold over a million copies in 16 languages and is regarded as a classic in its field.

The New Year is a prime time to do space clearing, and even more so this particular year. Here’s why…

1. To give yourself a fresh start

The most common use of space clearing is when you move into a new home, then once a year after that, or sooner if you’re going through a major life change or feel stuck in some way. There are also certain times of the year when there is a natural urge to purify your home. If you can catch the wave of energy at these times, space clearing is much easier to do and much more effective too.

The New Year is one of those times. Doing a full space clearing ceremony in the first few weeks of January allows you to ride on the wave of new beginnings that ripples around the globe as the calendar changes from one year to the next. You can harness this momentum to give yourself a fresh start.

2. To improve the quality of your life

New Year is traditionally a time when many people like to make resolutions to improve their life in the coming year. Space clearing can greatly assist you in this because it clears out the old to make room for the new.

The history of everything that happens in a building is recorded energetically in the walls, furniture and every object in it. If you are the first person to ever live in your home, all the energies imprinted in it will be your own or the people you share it with and any visitors you’ve had. If your home had other occupants before you, all their energies will be imprinted in it too. These imprints build up over the years, layer upon layer, and will affect you and influence everything you do, for better or worse.

Traumatic events and habitual behaviours are usually the most deeply imprinted. So if you decide to make New Year resolutions and want them to succeed, it makes very good sense to start the year with a deep and thorough space clearing to remove the history of your old habits from your home. Otherwise, no matter how sincere your intentions, those habits are very likely to creep back into your life again.

3. To reset the space of your home at a higher level

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. Many people have spent much more time at home than usual due to lockdown restrictions, working from home, becoming unemployed, caring for others and many other reasons. If any of these apply to you, your home will have had much more use than usual and is probably more in need of space clearing this New Year than it has ever been.

Space clearing your home won’t change what is happening in the world. However, by resetting the space at a higher level, it can help to create a sanctuary in these turbulent times and give you more clarity. Being able to navigate through life with integrity is the single most important element within your control that will determine the degree of personal happiness and fulfilment that you feel.

How to do space clearing

Richard and I are writing a new space clearing book at the moment that will include all the developments since my first book was published in 1996. Until then, you can use the information in my old book together with the updates listed here:

If you need help with an aspect that isn’t covered in the old book, you can search my blog for answers or ask your question here.

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