How to leave an old home and find a new one

Moving home is a major upheaval in a person’s life. The reason it takes some people longer than others can involve a range of personal, economic and also energetic factors.

Moving home

One of the main reasons why moving home feels like such an upheaval is because we rest our consciousness on the physical structure of the building we live in and all the items in it. Some people can find it an enormous wrench to uproot themselves and move to another place. These tried and tested tips can really help.

Fully arrive

If you want to move home and haven’t been able to do so, finish off all the improvements that you ever planned to make there. Even though it may not make logical sense to spend more money on a place you are leaving, it will help you to complete your relationship with your current home so that you are free to move on. In other words, in order to leave, you first have to fully arrive.

I’m not suggesting you invest in expensive renovations that the next owner or occupier may not even like or appreciate. It’s more about hanging pictures you have always meant to hang, making small repairs to things that have always niggled you, and generally owning the space and making it feel like your home.

At the very least, finishing improvements will help you to get clearer about why you want to move. It will either speed the process up or make your home a more enjoyable place to live while you’re waiting or if you change your mind and decide to stay.

Clear your clutter

Clutter clearing can really help too. Go through everything you own, room by room, and discard anything you know you won’t be taking with you. Get yourself to the situation where there are no more decisions to be made. When the time comes to pack, you can simply put your things straight into boxes and leave.

Some people have boxes of things they brought with them from their last home that they’ve never unpacked. These boxes sit in a corner or are left in the garage and are full of things that never come in useful. Don’t even think about taking them to your next home. Open those boxes and sort through the contents right now.

Do space clearing

Space clearing is a wonderful way to ease the process of leaving an old home. It’s also karmically responsible behaviour to clean and space clear your old home before leaving. If you are able to do this, it will leave a beautiful clear space for the next occupants and will enable you to land much more easily in your new place.

But let’s face it. Unless you travel very light and moving home is no trouble at all, space clearing your old home probably won’t be very high on your list of priorities on moving day and there probably won’t be time to do it anyway. So do space clearing much earlier, as soon as you are sure you want to move and long before you start packing. This will help with the entire moving process. And if you own your home and need to sell it, it will help with the sale too.

Most space clearings are done with the intention of landing new, higher frequencies. That’s fine for the new home you’ll be moving into, but it’s not what’s needed for a home you want to leave. Put the focus instead on making a smooth, easy move to your new home and leaving a clear space behind you in your old home for the next occupants. Instead of creating an altar that is personal to you and anyone you share your home with, create one that is helpful to the new occupants too. And during the harmony ball stage of the ceremony, instead of infusing frequencies into the space that will be helpful to you personally, focus instead on creating a high-level space for the new occupants to move into.

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  1. This is so true and really works. I’ve moved a lot in my life and 4 times in the last 6 years. People say to me, why are you spending money on the old place? But’s it’s what I intended to do and would not want to leave the place unfinished for the next occupiers. It gives a sense of closure.

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