Is it the same if a robot vacuums your home?

Robot vacuum cleaner

I’ve always been fascinated by how effectively vacuuming removes not just physical debris but also refreshes the energy of a room.

A vacuum cleaner is a physical, mechanical device, designed to suck up dust and all the inevitable bits that get dropped on the floor. But because stagnant energies also sink to floor level, it does a remarkably good job of revitalizing them too, through its vibrating, sweeping, sucking action. Or as Hoover’s oh-so-memorable advertising slogan of 1919 put it: ‘It Beats, as it Sweeps, as it Cleans’.

Robot vacuums

And now we have a new generation of devices called robot vacuums, which have been designed to clean up after us automatically without us having to lift a finger. The good quality ones are still too pricey to be mainstream, but it looks like the future of cleaning is heading that way.

My question is, because no human operator is involved, does your home feel as clean after it’ s been cleaned by a robot vacuum as it does if you clean it yourself using the good old-fashioned handheld variety?

Technically (and depending on the efficiency of the model, of course), there may be no difference. The same amount of dust and dirt gets hoovered up and the floor looks equally clean. But just as food tastes different according to the love and care that is put into it by the person who cooks it, so a room can feel different according to whether it is vacuumed by a mechanical device or by a human who puts care into it. Scientists can’t measure this subtle quality, but most people can sure as heck taste it in food, and I’m pretty sure more sensitive folk will be able to feel the difference with a robot vacuum too.

So does it really matter?

Well, here we get into the realm of etheric awareness and space clearing. If you’ve ever had your home space cleared by one of the professionals I’ve trained, you will know how different it can feel after all the stagnant energies and astral imprints have been cleaned out and new, higher frequencies have been instilled. It is as if a fresh wind has swept through, cleansing and revitalizing the space at a very deep level, and resetting your home as a clean slate on which to write your life.

My husband, Richard, and I, regularly space clear our home and keep it energetically maintained in this way, so that it supports us in our lives rather than holding us back. Because of this, we have noticed a huge difference between how it feels when we vacuum the floors ourselves and how it feels when we hire someone to do this for us.

When we vacuum ourselves, we presence and own the space as we go. When a professional cleaner does it for us, he or she may use the same equipment, and it has the same mechanical action, but it never feels as clean. On a physical level there’s no difference, but at the higher levels, just as with food that is cooked without love and care, something is tangibly missing.

Or rather, here in the West it is. During the 20 years I lived in Bali, we were fortunate for much of that time to have a wonderful woman called Padmi who cleaned our home beautifully. Not just at the physical level, but at the higher levels too. The Balinese have space clearing rituals they perform on a daily basis, and they naturally carry spiritual forces of purification in their blood. Padmi did not just beat as she swept as she cleaned. She loved, cared for, and presenced our home too. Ah, how we miss her now!

The difference space clearing can make

There is definitely a spiritual component that can be integrated into the mundane action of cleaning a home, and this produces a result that is very different to having a cleaner or a robot do it for you. But for people who really need this type of help, is there is a way to have the best of both worlds?

I’m happy to say that there is.

Providing the cleaner you hire is someone you like having in your home, who does the job with the same love and care you would put into it yourself, or the robot vacuum is one that you like the look, feel and efficiency of, then this can be counter-balanced by doing a deep and thorough space clearing ceremony at least once a year in your entire home, following the 21 steps in my book. This will have the effect of clearing out stagnant energies, owning the space, and permeating it with new, higher frequencies to support and nurture you and anyone you live with.

So it’s not at all the same if a robot vacuums your home, but the missing aspect can be more than compensated for if you regularly space clear or, better still, hire one of the space clearing practitioners I have trained to do it for you at a much higher level than you could possibly do it yourself.

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12 Responses to Is it the same if a robot vacuums your home?

  1. This is a great incentive to encourage me to vacuum more often which I needed!
    Do you recommend daily vacuuming to keep the frequencies high?

  2. Hello Karen. Thanks for your regular posts & newsletter. I took your weekend workshop a few years ago in Rhode Island. Learned a lot, & bought the bell, table cover, etc. My husband cleared his closet while I was attending your course. I was amazed returning home that night and seeing piles & piles ready to be shipped to goodwill. Now, we just bought a new ecological house in Sarasota FL (moved for my husband’s job). We’re putting closets, tank water filter, window/door curtains (or treatments as they call them here). Advice of what to do before we move in in 2 weeks. Thank you, and happy holiday season in Bali.

  3. Part of my faith is that we were spiritual beings before we came to earth. With that being said, I never considered the spiritual nature of house cleaning. It was just a necessary chore of daily life. I look forward to bringing a spiritual intention to my housework in the future.

  4. Interestingly a friend has a robot vacuum, mainly working on the ground floor living spaces. It (he, in fact, as it has a name!) pootles about from time to time sweeping up and gathering dirt. I’ve noticed in fact the space feels no less presenced by this family. The floors are all wood or terracotta tile on the ground floor so this already makes a difference to the etheric debris but in fact the robot vacuum does an equally good job, in this case I suppose because other cleaning, tidying, ‘living in’ is still done by the householders. I wonder if the familiarising of the robot by naming it changes the dynamic 🙂

  5. On a related note, I still brush the skirting boards in my home by hand sometimes, in spite of posessing an excellent vacuum cleaner. I find that breaking up any electrical matter lodged where the wall meets the floor is best done with a definite presence of mind.

    The rest of the family laugh and tell me that it’s actually more unhealthy to breath in the dust from hand-brushing, but I believe that just occasionally, my method gives that added ‘something’ to an electrically clean home.

  6. I love my robot cleaners — they clean up daily and have made a huge difference, as I do not have patience to vacuum daily. I have one on each floor and initially just purchased one at Costco, as the price was lower and I could also return it if I didn’t like it, but I found it so helpful that I purchased another. Besides vacuuming, they help me to keep the floor clear of clutter because if there is any clutter that can get caught up in it, it will stop the vacuuming, so every morning I survey the home and pick up any socks or blankets or anything on the floor. It makes sense that if I vacuum with intention that would be a better cleaning than the robot, but I feel like the daily cleaning aspect really makes it very handy for keeping my home at a higher level of cleanliness than it was without them.

  7. I hate cleaning. I love it when my home is newly cleaned and pristine, but I hate doing it, and I particularly hate vacuuming, so that happens very seldom – far too seldom.

    Why do I hate it so much? Well, for one thing, I hate the noise of the vacuum cleaner. I am generally noise sensitive and particularly detest the kind of monotonous, “dirty” noise a lot of household appliances make. I also hate the feeling that some dust evaporates backwards and rise up and get into my face. This may very well be imagination, but I get a dry, itchy feeling every time I vacuum. I also hate the way you can never really get at everything, so you can never get into a flow because you always have to interrupt the actual vacuuming to move a piece of furniture or some other thing. And when you do it you have to put the vacuum cleaner down, or rather, lean the hose against something – which, in 99% of the cases, means it falls over and crashes into something. And even if you don’t, the machine part usually crashes into something anyway and chips off a bit of an antique chest or something. And then, just as you think you are getting into some kind of flow, the whole thing dies down and you have to go back and retrieve it and plug it in somewhere closer to where you are.

    By the time I have finished vacuuming I am sweaty and itchy and furious and just want to hit somebody. There is no way this can contribute to a good feeling in my home, so I guess a robot would actually improve the atmosphere. Am I the only one who feels like this?

    1. I like cleaning. But I do not like to use the vacuum cleaner. My eyes begin to itch, my nose is running and I feel bad. It’s disturbing my own etheric field. Even the new vacuum cleaner gives me this feeling. The benefits of vacuuming (refreshed energy, uplifting etc) seem not to happen in my case. 🙁 After vacuuming the floors I have to open the windows and let fresh air to get the bad air and energies out!

  8. Thanks for this article! I have had professional cleaners come into my home for 4 years now, and you are very correct – it just doesn’t feel the same! I still clean myself, however the harder tasks are performed by the cleaners. I think it could possibly be more noticed as they are not always the same person who could potentially come to love my home as well.

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