How to use a miniature space clearing kit

Miniature pink space clearing kit

Designed for small homes

Miniature space clearing kits were originally made specially for use by Japanese people, many of whom live in very small homes. But they have also proved to be very popular with New Yorkers living in small apartments, and other people around the world living in tiny homes or studios, where a small or large altar cloth won’t fit the table space available.

Perfect for travelling too

Miniature colourizersSome people use a large, medium or small space clearing kit when they are at home and prefer to take a miniature kit with them when they go travelling because it takes up a lot less luggage space.

The colourizers are exceedingly cute, and fit neatly in a small satin-lined palm leaf box that has enough extra space inside to place a folded miniature altar cloth on top. The combined weight is approx. 525g (18.5 oz), or 300g (10.5 oz) without the box.

Can be used to create a personal altar

Miniature altar cloths and colourizers can be purchased separately to create a personal altar in your home. The gold threaded weave is of very high quality and looks and feels extraordinarily beautiful.

Special offer in January 2017

We don’t usually put any items on sale but in preparation for our move from the UK to Australia, for one month only, in January 2017, all miniature altar cloths and colourizers are available at half price, and you can save £100 on the purchase price of a complete miniature kit.

Miniature altar cloths are available in five colours:
White, purple, red, pink & orange
£30 each (usual price £60)

Miniature colourizers includes nine colours:
White, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, turquoise & purple in a small palm-leaf box
£80 (usual price £160)

Miniature space clearing kit
The complete kit consists of a small space clearing bell & stand, a harmony ball & stand, a miniature altar cloth (your choice of the available colours), and a boxed set of miniature colourizers
£275 (usual price £375)

Purchase until Jan 31, 2017 at the Karen Kingston online store (subject to availability)

How to choose the right colour for you
How to create a space clearing altar

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