How to use harmony balls

Balinese harmony balls are an important part of space clearing. They are designed to be used towards the end of a ceremony to infuse new, higher frequencies into a space.

Harmony balls

When I first started doing space clearing professionally, I would clear the old stagnant energies and astral imprints from a person’s home and leave them with a blank canvas on which to create their life anew.

I pretty soon discovered that most people are creatures of habit. Left to their own devices, they simply recreate whatever feels comfortable and familiar to them. It was at this point that I started to use harmony balls towards the end of every space clearing ceremony to allow my clients to consciously infuse the space with new, higher frequencies so that they would not lapse back into their old ways. This has proved to be so effective that it is now an essential part of the space clearing ceremony.

Harmony balls can be used in two different ways:

  • Personal
  • Neutral

A personal harmony ball is one that is infused with your own personal frequencies. You can re-use it if you repeat the space clearing ceremony at a later date in the same place or in a new home you move to, but don’t use it in someone else’s home because it will have your frequencies in it.

A neutral harmony ball is one that is not infused with anyone’s personal frequencies. It can therefore be used again and again in your own home, or as part of the ceremony you do for a friend or relative who has asked for your help. In some circumstances (see below), two or three neutral harmony balls may be needed.

Space clearing your own home

If you have a clutter-free home with small to medium-sized rooms, all you will need is one personal harmony ball, which comes with its own wooden stand in a satin-lined box. If you share your home with a partner, you can share the same harmony ball, or you can use individual ones, if you prefer.

If you have a cluttered home or one that has large rooms, then the sound of a solitary harmony ball can get lost in the space. You will need one or two extra neutral harmony balls to give more oomph to this part of the ceremony. Beautiful hand-carved wooden plates are available to put the neutral harmony balls on so that they don’t roll around on the space clearing altar.

Space clearing the home of a relative or friend

You’ll need a new harmony ball for each place you space clear so that your relative or friend can fully infuse it with their own frequencies.

You’ll also need one or more neutral harmony balls to use yourself during the ceremony (professionals use three for the best effect).

Repeat space clearings

The effects of space clearing diminish over time as new residues of energy build up in a place, so it is recommended that you do an In-Depth space clearing ceremony at least once a year to keep the energy of your home in optimum condition. You can also do the full ceremony if you have a major change in your life, feel stuck in some way, or have some other reason for wanting to clear and revitalize your space.

You do not need a new harmony ball for this. You can use the same personal harmony ball you used the first time you did the ceremony and infuse it with new frequencies.

The exception to this is if you previously shared your harmony ball with a partner and you are no longer together. In this situation, using the old harmony ball would reconnect you to mental and emotional associations with the past. You will need to start again with a brand new one that is only infused with your own frequencies. Please dispose of your old harmony ball responsibly, by sending it for waste metal recycling rather than just throwing it in the trash.

How to clean harmony balls

Harmony balls are made of brass, which tarnishes when exposed to air. You can gently clean your harmony ball using any good quality brass cleaner and a soft cloth. To reduce tarnishing, store it in the wallet and box provided.

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Where to buy harmony balls

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15 Responses to How to use harmony balls

  1. I heard an interesting story about Pregnancy Harmony Balls

    Apparently they are often worn for a period of time after the birth of the child. The mother will often shorten the necklace so that the harmony ball pendant is situated between her throat and her breasts so that it can be played with by the child whilst breast feeding or the soothing sound of the pregnancy harmony ball emanates as the mother gently rocks her baby to sleep. In some cases the pregnancy harmony ball pendant is passed on from mother to daughter and becomes a treasured family heirloom.

    What are your thoughts on this?


    1. Hi Craig

      I invented the name ‘harmony balls’ in the 1970s so am quite bemused to hear there are now pregnancy harmony balls that have been used for generations!

      I googled the term and discovered a website where the storeholder claims that pregnancy harmony ball necklaces were first worn by pregnant women in Mexico and Bali on a long chain around the neck, with the ball close to the belly, and then the chain was shortened after birth so that the baby could play with the harmony ball while breastfeeding.

      Well, I’ve never been to Mexico, but I lived for 20 years in Bali, and never once in all that time as I travelled around the island did I ever see a pregnant Balinese woman wearing a harmony ball. They are made in one small area of Bali and sold only as tourist jewellery. It looks to me as if some enterprising folk have invented, or perhaps genuinely been duped by this myth to sell these items as something more than they are.

      I had a small harmony ball on a key chain myself for many years, but would never recommend wearing one around the neck, and definitely not while pregnant. Metal distorts the flow of energy, so metal worn on any part of the body, and especially the central meridian can interfere with the body’s immune system. This includes metal worn on the bridge of the nose in eye glasses (spectacles), metal necklaces, and navel piercings.

      Metal also conducts electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) into the body so even if pregnancy harmony balls were used in bygone times in Mexico, which I seriously doubt, they are not suitable for use today, where we are constantly exposed to high levels of EMFs from electrical appliances and microwave radiation from WiFi. Instead of soothing the baby, wearing metal over the belly during pregnancy or round the neck while breastfeeding would be more likely to expose it to elevated electromagnetic frequencies that could have harmful health effects.

      1. Hi Karen, thanks to you, I’m somehow aware of clutter. Would you consider a gold necklace as metal? And would that distort the flow of energy. That would be too bad. All the best, Beatrice

        1. Yes, gold is a metal, and as I said in an earlier reply, metal worn on any part of the body, and especially the central meridian, will interfere with the body’s energy flows. This includes metal necklaces.

  2. I recently gave some thought to the brass cleaner I’ve been using to clean my harmony ball, and discovered that it’s very toxic to fish, and people. I wanted to find an environmentally friendly alternative, so I tried covering it in tomato ketchup (wearing rubber gloves!). I let it sit on the harmony ball for fifteen minutes, then rubbed in some bicarbonate of sodar with a soft cloth, then repeated. I rinsed it with water and dried it with a clean soft cloth. It worked well after two applications, and the ball was quite tarnished to start with. I used food grade baking soda, rather than the kind sold for cleaning, which might be too abrasive. The ketchup didn’t smell very nice, next time I’ll try lemon juice!

  3. I use a Zaphir and a Koshi windchime instead of harmonyballs. I find their sound more playfull and my attitude more relaxed when I walk with them swinging in my both hands.

    1. The reason Balinese harmony balls work so well in the final part of the space clearing ceremony is because the spherical shape retains the frequencies the ball is infused with, which can then be consciously imprinted into the walls and other objects in the home. They have been specifically designed for this purpose and do it very well.

      Wind chimes cannot be infused in the same way and scatter sound randomly. They are of no use at all for space clearing. However if you enjoy the sound and it makes you feel better, you could do an occasional circuit around your home with them in between space clearings. This won’t change the energy of your space, but it won’t do any harm either.

  4. Gah! I didn’t realize I should keep my harmony balls to myself. I helped my sister space clear her home in two different sessions. Each time, so that I wouldn’t put my own intentions into her space, I let her fill my three beautiful harmony balls with her intentions, and she has had wonderful changes happening in her life. We worked on her home before we did mine, and I have not had the changes that I expected. It still feels boring and stuck here. Should I give those three balls to her and order more harmony balls and keep them privately to myself? Or is there a way for me to clear her energy and intentions from them so that I can fill them with mine?

    1. Only one harmony ball is needed for each space that is cleared, and this becomes infused with the personal frequencies of the person or people whose home is space cleared. It can be re-used for repeat space clearings at a later date for the same person or people, but not for anyone else. Neutral harmony balls (sold in sets of three with a plate) are used for clearing other people’s homes, and are not infused with anyone’s personal frequencies. They can therefore be used again and again.

      Since you have used three harmony balls instead of one when space clearing your sister’s home, you will need to give these to her to keep, and purchase another harmony ball to use in your own home.

  5. Hi Karen, I accidentally dropped my harmony ball quite some time back when dusting so it now has a small flat side. Just thought I’d check with you if it’s still usable or better to recycle?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Dianne – Your harmony ball won’t look so good after accidentally dropping it but it will still function fine. So the choice is entirely yours. If you don’t mind it looking slightly dented, just carry on using it. If appearances are important to you, send it off for metal recycling and purchase a new one.

  6. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for this post, as I have learned for the first time that harmony balls should be replaced once your relationship ends. Is this true for other space clearing equipments?

  7. Hey Karen!
    I wanted to ask if balls of quartz crystal also work for space clearing? Or does it have to be a brass ball?
    Best regards,

    1. Hi Denise – The reason Balinese harmony balls work so well for this part of the space clearing ceremony is because of their spherical shape and the beautiful jingly-jangly sound they make when shaken. Crusyals don’t have those properties so won’t work at all as a substitute.

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