Finding my place on earth

Malvern Hills

There was a time in my life when I lived in London and knew it was time for a change. I closed my business and made plans to go exploring California with a friend. But when it came to booking our tickets, we changed our minds and flew to India instead. From there we went to Thailand, and then my friend flew home, and I went on to Bali by myself.


In retrospect, abandoning me in Thailand was the best favour my friend ever did me. Arriving all alone in Bali allowed me to open to the place in a way I would never have done with an English-speaking companion at my side. I fell totally in love with the island, with its 25 volcanic peaks (most of them mercifully dormant but two still active), its 20,000 temples, and its unique spiritual culture, where space clearing is a complete way of life.

Just about every traditional culture has a form of space clearing, but nowhere have they developed it to such a high level as in Bali. I began to learn the languages (three levels of Balinese and Indonesian), and travelled around the island putting vision on purification ceremonies conducted by priests and shamans. I’d already spent 12 years in England developing a reasonably effective form of space clearing, but this took me to a completely new level. From there it was an easy choice to make Bali my permanent home for 20 years, deepening my space clearing skills with every passing year.


And now I’m back in England again and absolutely loving it. I didn’t miss England at all when I lived in Bali, and never actually thought I would live here again. But here I am, and very happily so. This is where I want to be for the next phase of my life.

The choice of England was made after a lot of geographical exploration and deep soul searching, visiting over a dozen countries with my husband, and staying long enough in each for us both to get a feel for how it would be to live there. There was no doubt about it for either of us. England it was.

But where in England?

The next phase of our search saw us driving hundreds of miles, criss-crossing the country, and renting for two years until we finally found and bought our new home in the Malverns, on the edge of the Cotswolds.

Why spend so much time and effort on this, you may be wondering? Because I know how important it is for each person to find their place on Earth, and even more so when engaged on a path of spiritual development. Living in a place where there is little or no compatibility with the land energies can hold a person back much more than they can possibly imagine, until they move to a place that is better for them and truly feel the difference. Everything in life works better if you can get this right. As every real estate agent knows, it’s all about location, location, location, and this is a deeper understanding of why this is so.

Initially, I must admit, I felt a resistance to moving back to Malvern, having lived here previously, before I lived in Bali. But now I can see the wisdom of living on these hills, with a solid foundation of granite beneath me to gear my Kidney energy into, fresh country air, and views that stretch for miles. I’ve been looking for a place where I can land myself to take my life and work to the next level, and this is it.

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Karen Kingston is the world's leading authority on space clearing and a leading expert in clutter clearing. Her first book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, has sold over one million copies in 16 languages, and her second book, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, has sold over two million copies in 26 languages.

21 Responses to Finding my place on earth

  1. I moved to Middle Tennessee when my (now) husband and I were heading towards marriage. It was just going to be temporary, because neither of us wanted to stay in Middle TN. That was 7 years ago, and we’re still here.

    Now, I spend time fantasizing about selling enough of my books to move somewhere else. I’d really like to have a little house in Ireland, either near the Cliffs of Moher, or in Connemara. Although, at this point, I’d be happy to get back to East TN. Middle TN has never felt like home; it’s always felt temporary. I don’t even feel connected to our house; it feels temporary, too (although my husband’s lived there 20 years). Sometimes I despair of ever getting away!

  2. I understand what Keri is saying and have felt that way at a previous place where we lived. Yet I’d like to offer a thought. Until I fully embraced where we were and made our living space the best it could be for us it seemed like we were stuck. For instance, there were things that I hadn’t unpacked and pictures I hadn’t hung. I knew I either had to use what I loved out of those possessions or let them go to someone else. Once that house felt like we had fully accepted it along with the community things shifted, and my spouse found work (a better job for him) that took us on a move. Now we’ve been in our current community for almost 9 years and it’s the longest we’ve been in one house since our childhood homes. I’ve not fully embraced this place either and yearn to move to a nearby community. So, I know in my heart I must do some things to this space to make it ours and stop living like it’s temporary. For instance, changing wall paint colors, etc.. Once I do I wouldn’t be surprised everything else will easily fall into place.

    1. Hi Brigid

      I realised when I posted this blog that some people would know exactly what I was talking about, and some people wouldn’t. As one person commented on my Facebook page, ‘I have always been looking for my place on Earth – still looking! My husband thinks I’m nuts, but then he doesn’t get it.’

      I can answer your question, but not in a sentence or two. This level of discernment about land energies is all to do with the way a person’s subtle body structures naturally are, or have been developed. I’m thinking about including a chapter about it in the new book I’m writing, since I feel it is such an important topic and one that so few people know about.

      1. I have been voraciously reading the materials you have written, and have recently purchased a bell and some harmony balls. My sister and I have had some remarkable results with the space clearing, yet I feel as though I were still in kindergarten in the field. I am thrilled that you are writing a follow-up book on the subject and I hope you did include the above section, for it my fondest desire to find my “place” on earth. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my Leo heart for sharing what you know with the world. God bless you always.

    2. I think you feel it in your body (are you energised?) and in your emotions. Does coming home (could be the physical building or the town/city/country) make you feel uplifted? Or does leaving home have that effect?

  3. Karen,
    have you considered looking at relocation astrology? I wonder if these two places – Bali and Malvern – resonate with your chart. Usually we move to the meridians where we will grow spiritually, even if it brings on difficulties (as was in my case, yet it always felt right, in some fatalistic way 🙂 ).

    1. Hi Helen

      I had an Astrocartography reading done when I first discovered Bali and wanted to check if I was completely mad to want to go and live there. I had already made the decision, but the reading gave me the confidence to sell everything I owned and move there immediately rather than gradually over years.

      But according to that same reading, nothing much will ever happen for me in England, and that simply isn’t true. All astrological interpretations depend on the level of insight of the astrologer, and ultimately the decisions I make have to be my own. Astrology can be useful to navigate one’s path through life, but making the most of it is down to the individual concerned.

      1. Well, a lot of it is the interpretation. I always felt that Astro*carto*graphy specifically is somewhat limited as a system. It only looks at the planets in aspect to the 4 angles of your chart, not interplanetary aspects. Your chart could still have very nice aspects when relocated to Malvern.

        Wishing you much luck and happiness in your new home! 🙂

  4. a beauitful place you have chosen. Mine is Cornwall in England, but I’d prefer my son to be schooled in Lincolnshire, so a little undecided where i will go for now. Although the coast is a must for me

  5. Re – astrocartography. I have lived abroad for half my life. When I first read about astrocartography in a magazine years ago I “knew” I was living under a line and sure enough I was. I also discovered that i had lived under several before that and the general energy of the explanations had manifested.
    But later I had a professional do my natal chart and she explained how the astrocartography idea works. Essentially it is based on re jiggering the horizon of your chart so that different energies from your natal chart show up in other areas of your life however she said that you can always “manifest” what is in your natal chart wherever you are as it never changes- it may be easier or harder depending on wherever you are. Having said all of that a relative on a spiritual quest deliberately moved to an area with NO lines of influence based on his chart.

    Who knows? A bit of what I have learned of the matter.

    D. Ikeda

  6. Oh Karen, I really do hope you can write more on this. I live in a lovely place in England – York – but have never felt at home here. It’s beautiful; lovely to cycle round; only an hour to the coast; others tell me how lucky I am to live here, but every time I’ve been away and come back I can feel my energy slumping. Is it because it’s a vale? I’ve been wanting to move out of this house for 15 years (it’s always felt temporary) but my husband is a “head” man and logically and financially it makes better sense to stay (especially as I don’t know where would suit me better). Feel trapped and suppressed. Am always tired and my creativity has almost dried up. All I can think of is (a) doing more exploring to try to find another place to live; or (b) divorce! Any other advice would be SO appreciated.

  7. It really is tough when one partner in a relationship feels no affinity with a location and the other has no wish to move. But before you explore such radical avenues as moving to a completely new area or seeking a divorce, I suggest you first find out how much of the feelings you describe are to do with the house you are living in rather than the location it is in. It could be either or both, but if it happens to just be the house, then moving to a different house in the same area may solve your problems and suit both you and your partner.

    This is the type of question I find it very difficult to answer from a distance, but if I were to visit your house then it would be a simple matter to do a feng shui survey and an assessment of you and your husband’s compatibility with the land energies of the location.

    I’m taking a break from doing consultations for a few months in order to focus on writing, but if you can wait a while, I’ll be happy to let you know when I’m planning to be in your area next.

    1. Karen, thank you for this. I do think it’s partly to do with the house – we bought it as a family house to have children (I would never have chosen it otherwise); also it had a garden and I was very keen on gardening at that point in my life. When we stopped trying to have children, I wanted to move but my husband was against it (and, to be fair, we were struggling financially at that point). I finally convinced him to sell it and we sold it this year, but were unable to find another house in the area that we liked and could afford, so ended up staying here. It’s due to this that I’m starting to think that it’s not the house but the area – but have absolutely no idea where to go plus we have commitments such as elderly parents and jobs. Feel totally trapped. Sometimes the only thing I can think of is packing a bag and running away (not quite there yet).

      Yes, it would be good to have a consultation with you – thank you (if you still think it’s appropriate after reading the above !) Meanwhile, I’ll carry on clearing the clutter and do another space clear (if I can find the energy).

  8. This is very interesting. Being an army wife, I know you could live anywhere.Although I was born in Berkshire, I never felt any connection. We moved back after army life cos we did not know where else to go, living there for 16 years. Living in 3 houses in one street and my husband being born in a house on that street, meaning he lived in 4 houses on that street. I wanted a ticket out. I had a map of UK on my bedroom door, wondering where I was going. Cornwall I always felt a pull to, as my grandparents were Cornish and as a child I spent many holidays down there. We ended up living in a place I never heard of – New Brighton Wallasey on the Wirral. When my husband and I drove for the first time along the front it was like coming home. We love the the place and feel very connected. We’ve lived here for nearly ten years. It’s gone so fast.

  9. Your experience in Bali sounds like heaven on Earth! I hope to experience what you felt. I am fascinated by Feng Shui and your book was the first thing I pick-up when I was layed off last April. I have been happily clearing clutter of my own all my life and now and helping others. I have so much learning and I am looking forward to it everyday! Happy Nesting!

  10. Whilst I appreciate that there are lots of aspects to “finding your place on earth”, one of the main points in the preceding comments seems to be relating to the house you live in. On that particular aspect, I would like to recommend two books well worth reading (and owning if possible), the first is “Sensual Home” by Ilse Crawford, and the second, and my great favourite, is “Spirit of the Home – How to make your home a Sanctuary” by Jane Alexander. I follow many of the recommendations in this book and I find that as I open my front door, I not only feel instantly “at home” but I feel (this may sound a bit silly but …) as if my home is welcoming me with a hug! Even if your home is not in the exact location you think you want, make your home your comfort blanket!

  11. I live in Hawaii, from Oahu, now living on Kauai and there is a huge difference with the way people live their lives on each island. Oahu is a big city with some country whereas Kauai is more country with a few tiny city like areas. I have been asking myself where on earth is it that I belong. Kauai comes really close though something is calling me to Europe – specifically Spain or Italy – perhaps from a past life? I’m so happy I’m not the only one that understands that there is a place where we all can truly call home. Sometimes I wonder if my struggle in finding home is actually internal where my soul longs to be free from human form yet because I am human – I am also restless and can’t seem to find a stable place to take up residence.

  12. I definitely feel that where my husband and I grew up and where we live now is our place on the earth, even narrowing it down to the section of the town we bought our first home. It took us two years to find our home in that specific location, but I love where we live and have such a deep connection, especially since it is near to where we both grew up.

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