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Fish have fingers and other fanciful facts

Next time you see a fish finger, spare a thought for the 20% of young Brits, aged 16 to 24, who seriously believe that they are made from the fingers of fish. I’m not kidding. A survey conducted by Rowse … Continue reading

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Why smudging is not a space clearing technique

What is smudging? Smudging is a purification practice that comes from indigenous American Indian traditions. It involves lighting a smudge stick made of dried herbs (usually sage or cedar) and wafting the smoke around. The aroma and the upward motion … Continue reading

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Why singing bowls are not designed to do space clearing

It’s often claimed that singing bowls are made of a special alloy composed of seven metals that correspond to the seven major planets: gold for the Sun, silver for the Moon, mercury for Mercury, copper for Venus, iron for Mars, … Continue reading

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Space clearing and salt

Someone emailed me today to say that the method for using salt in my space clearing ceremony is not at all clear in the German edition of Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui. Actually, I’m quite glad, because the use … Continue reading

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