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From tiny acorns do mighty oak trees grow

Sir Winston Churchill is widely acclaimed as the greatest statesman of our times. But his early childhood gave no indication of the astounding magnitude of accomplishment that was to come. Churchill was such a duffer as a schoolboy that he … Continue reading

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Numerology curio

Here’s an interesting discovery that was sent to me by a numerologist who decided to analyze the words SPACE CLEARING and KAREN KINGSTON, using the standard numerology system of A=1, B=2, C=3, etc. Here’s what he found: The term “space … Continue reading

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Balinese rituals

Just about every culture in the world has its own form of space clearing, but nowhere has it been so highly developed as in Bali, where it’s a complete way of life. Balinese purification ceremonies Daily purification rituals are performed … Continue reading

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