Bed thwacking

Most people spend a third of their life in bed, so mattresses are the most heavily energetically imprinted items of furniture in any home. Regular bed thwacking can change that.

Bed thwacking

Bed thwacking is not a service that Richard or I offer professionally because it is something most people can easily do for themselves. All you need is a sturdy baseball bat or something similar, and some enthusiastic application, as you can see from this photo of Richard, who is a master bed thwacker!

If you have a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress, bed thwacking is not as effective because the material is much more dense than a regular mattress. A flat item such as a tennis raquet will work better than a baseball bat.

Why do bed thwacking

If you’re not familiar with the concept of bed thwacking, you may be wondering what the point of it is. It’s necessary because everything that happens in a building is imprinted in the walls, furniture and objects. Mattresses generally get the most imprinting because they are made of very absorbent materials and they also get the greatest degree of up-close-and–personal usage. Most people spend a third or more of their lives in bed, so they leave a deep imprint of themselves where they sleep.

Over the 40+ years I’ve been pioneering Western space clearing, I’ve developed the ability to read these imprints through hand sensing and can tell just about everything about the person who sleeps there by doing so.

Bed thwacking to remove the imprints of an ex-partner

Often I’m called in when someone has started a new relationship and are living in the same place that their partner lived with his or her ex. The focus of the consultation is on getting the old partner’s energies out so the new relationship can really begin.

The space clearing ceremony I’ve created can very effectively do this, but something more is needed to shift the deep levels of imprinting that build up in mattresses. Unless you do this, you may think you are sleeping with your new partner but, in fact, you are still sleeping with the imprints of your old partner too. Energetically there are three people in the bed! And unless you clear out the imprints of the previous partner, it’s very likely that the new relationship will go the same way as the old one.

New relationship, new mattress

My advice is always to start a new relationship you are serious about in a place where neither of you have lived before. That will give it the best possible chance of success. But if you are not able to do this, then at least get yourself a new mattress.

The rule is: New relationship, new mattress.

But what if you can’t afford a new bed just yet, or if you sleep alone but just want to refresh the energy of your own bed? That’s where bed thwacking comes in. Drag the mattress outside the house if you can, but if this isn’t possible just open a window, peel back the bedcovers, and start thwacking it with the bat, or another hard object, vibrating the energies out. When you’ve done one side, flip the mattress and do the other side.

Bed thwacking precautions

Be warned. Loads of stuff will come out of the mattress. You’ll probably see dust flying around and there will also be energies you can’t see. So if you do this indoors, don’t stay in the room afterwards. Leave the window open so there is some circulation of air, and come back a few hours later after the dust and other energies have settled. Do a quick once-round with a vacuum cleaner and that’s it.

One reader wrote to tell me, ‘I have always beaten a mattress after the end of a relationship. I find it incredibly therapeutic! I strip the bed and get it all in the washing machine – a nice hot wash – and then I set to with the mattress. I vacuum both sides and beat both sides. I use my hands and fists, I shout and holler (and swear a little too). Then I vacuum again. I feel really good and it helps me deal with the end of the relationship as well.’

How often to do bed thwacking

If you do bed thwacking every few months it will keep your bed feeling fresh and clear. It’s not as good as buying a completely new mattress but it’s the next best thing, and because it’s not a complete solution it means that some of your energies will still be embedded there, so it will still feel like “your bed”.

But don’t forget that while bed thwacking will remove much of the energetic debris and some of the dust, it won’t remove the deep layers of bacteria, fungi, mould, perspiration and flakes of dry skin that physically accumulate. You will still need to buy a new mattress at least every ten years to get rid of that.

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17 Responses to Bed thwacking

  1. Hi,
    Will this bed thwacking be beneficial to ‘refresh’ your existing relationship? Still recovering from infidelity, I’m hoping this could be helpful to get the ‘other’ person out of our bed (even though I don’t think she was ever actually in there, I have a feeling she may still be there in my husbands mind once in a while)….
    Thank you so much!

  2. I suppose thwacking can also be done to sofas. People who spend a lot of time on their sofas ought to do this, as well, perhaps. I also suppose that thwacking sofas that look a bit worn may ‘regain youth’ with thwacking for the same reasons as you describe with the mattress. I also wonder if someone prone to being a couch potato may be less prone to sinking into the sofa once it had been thwacked as its renewed vibrancy (to whatever extent that may be) may be passed on to its user(s).

  3. This makes a lot of sense to me. Many years ago before I knew anything of space clearing and very little of feng shui, I had a particularly back break up with my live-in boyfriend. I couldn’t sleep at all on that bed until I decided to vaccum it half to death then use my steam cleaner on it three or four times. I was blessed to get to move out of that apartment and buy a new bed a few months later, but the steam cleaning helped in the mean time.

  4. Can you recommend a mattress type whereby two people can sleep & not be disturbed by each other’s movements during the night. One person wiggles a lot, the other person does not but gets awakened by the wiggler.

    Thank you.

    1. My expertise lies in the area of energies imprinted into mattresses, so I do not have a miracle mattress I can recommend to help you with this problem. However it may be helpful to know that in my experience night ‘wiggling’ is usually caused by over-astralization. If you would like to learn more about this, I can highly recommend the Clairvision Knowledge Track called Subtle Bodies: The Fourfold Model.

  5. Okay, now I am thinking about the bed that we sleep on when we are in a hotel. This option is most likely not feasible so would you recommend a little mediation/ prayer about thinking of removing all the previous imprint before resting on the bed?

    1. There is a section about hotel beds in my new space clearing book, to be published next year. Here’s a short extract:

      When it comes to beds in hotels, it’s grim news. It’s common to find layer upon layer of unsavoury energies embedded in hotel mattresses, sometimes dating back a decade or more, depending on how long the bed has been in use. It’s no wonder many people say they don’t sleep well in hotels, or wake up feeling out of sorts or not quite themselves. During sleep our energy opens and we absorb whatever is around us, including the frequencies that have been deposited in the mattress by people who slept there before us. It’s almost the same as sleeping with them in the same bed.

      To answer your question, meditation does not clear imprints, but bed thwacking can help a lot. However it’s not advisable if you are only staying for one night because you’ll need to leave a few hours after thwacking for the energies released from the mattress to settle, and then you will need to give the room a good vacuuming after that. If you are staying for a few nights, my advice is to get through the first night as best you can and then give the bed a good thwacking before housekeeping arrives the next morning to clean the room.

  6. That’s an interesting way to maintain a mattress. Cleaning, vacuuming, deodorizing and thwacking after that – sounds useful. I’m a professional cleaner and this I haven’t done till now. I’m definitely trying it and will recommendt to some friends to try it too. Thank you for sharing this genius idea! Greets, Beth

  7. I’ve never heard about this as FS technique, but it makes a lot of sense. I have noticed that a lot of techniques are actually old general cleaning/clearing techniques. I m from Czech republic and this is something what we did as a part of spring clean. Similar to this is a cleaning a rug outside on fresh snow. You lay it on the nice fresh snow and beet it:) Thank you

  8. Thank you for this article. I will try it next Monday after my ex-partner (and father of our child) stays with his new partner in our shared house…!!

    Also – a neighbour and friend who has a lot of pain to do with his estranged wife built me a bed recently – is there a way of clearing this piece of furniture as I have found being in it problematic with my new partner and the only thing that has changed is the bed (before that the mattress was on the floor).

    I can’t afford to buy a new mattress at the moment plus environmentally speaking I don’t want to – my mattress is an expensive natural latex one, around 4 years old and in very good condition. They are purported to stay in good condition for 25 years!

  9. Hi Karen, thank you for this article I found it researching why I always have bad dreams- sad, heartbreaking dreams when I sleep in the spare bed downstairs, it’s a wooden bedframe from my father in law, it’s my husband’s mattress..but it’s the room the former owner spent a lot of time doing crafts in… What are your thoughts on the possibility of any of these energies affecting my dreams so badly…

    1. Hi Sarah – Everything that happens in a room becomes imprinted in the walls, floors, furniture and objects in the room, which is why it’s so essential to do regular space clearing to remove the layers that build up over time. My million-copy bestseller Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui explains in detail how to do space clearing. However, it was published in 1996 and has never been updated so Richard and I are writing a whole new book about space clearing at the moment. You can find more information here: About the new space clearing books

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