Why it’s a good idea to ask your therapist if they have space cleared lately


Next time you have a therapy session or a dental or medical treatment, consider how many people have been on that couch before you. Why? Because mingling with your energy at that moment will be all the etheric and astral residues that they have left behind them in that place. You may prefer not to know this, but it’s a fact.

Energies in therapy rooms

Take the example of having a massage, where you want to open your energy as much as possible so that the therapist can work with you as deeply as they can. The purpose of massage is to relieve areas of compaction where a person’s astral body is grasping too intensely, causing stiffness and pain. When you get up off the couch, if the therapist has done their job well, your etheric energies will circulate more freely and your physical body will feel more supple.

However guess what will have happened to all the etheric and astral energies that were causing you to feel so clogged and tense? You will have left them behind in the room, especially in the area of the therapy couch. If the therapist doesn’t know how to handle these energies, they may also have absorbed some of it themselves.

Then in comes the next client and lies down in your freshly excreted etheric and astral debris, as well as the imprints of all the clients before you. It’s no wonder that so many massage therapists suffer periodic burnouts, or that you sometimes get off a massage couch feeling worse in some ways than when you went in.

Dentists’ chairs are something to watch out for too because if they are never space cleared, they become imprinted with anxiety and fear. Even the seats in a dentist’s waiting room can be like this. If you weren’t nervous before you went in, it’s likely you soon will be after you sit down.

What can you do about this?

Well, it’s the therapist’s job to take care of their space, to create an environment that is energetically clear and supports the healing process of their clients or patients. Therapy rooms need to be regularly space cleared to remove the energetic excretions that inevitably build up.

So next time you go for a therapy treatment of some kind, ask the therapist, ‘When did you last space clear this room?’ The word needs to go out. Space clearing technology exists. We don’t have to put up with grungy massage couches or therapy rooms anymore!

And by space clearing, do I mean waving smudge sticks around or visualizing pyramids of light, as someone suggested to me recently? In my experience, such techniques don’t make any difference at all to the energy of a space. What I mean by space clearing is the specific 21-step ceremony that I described in my book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, which I will be explaining in much more detail in the new space clearing books that Richard and I are writing. There will also be a chapter in the new book specifically for therapists.

For spas and health centres that employ a number of therapists, it works best to call in one of the professional space clearers we have trained to give the whole place a thorough clearing a few times a year.

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