Answers to space clearing questions

Thanks to everyone who took the time to send space clearing questions last month. They have helped us to clarify and improve the information in our new space clearing book.

Answers to space clearing questions

In my August 2021 newsletter, I wrote: ‘Richard and I are in the final stages of writing a brand-new book about space clearing and we want to make sure we’ve covered everything that people need to know. If you have questions about space clearing, please ask away. I’ll answer one or two of them in my next newsletter and we’ll make sure the answers to other questions are covered in our new book.’

Here are my replies to some of the questions that have been asked…

Q: How do I get everyone on the same page with clutter clearing, or do I just have to live with other people’s clutter in my space?

A: Clutter clearing is very different to space clearing, as this article explains. However, it is one of the preparatory steps to space clearing, and other people’s clutter can be a huge issue. I have written many articles about this. Here are links to two that I hope will help you: How other people’s clutter can affect you and How to create clutter-free zones in your home

Q: My intentions for my life can change from one space clearing to the next. Can I use the same harmony ball over and over?

A: Balinese harmony balls are used in the final part of a space clearing ceremony to infuse the space of your home with higher aspirations. You can use the same personal harmony ball again and again, building each time on the aspirations you have for your life. These frequencies do not need clearing in the same way that the lower frequencies of intentions would, so it can be very beneficial to keep using the same harmony ball again and again.

An exception to this would be if you previously shared your harmony ball with a partner and you are no longer together. In this situation, using the old harmony ball would reconnect you to mental and emotional associations with the past, so we recommend using a brand-new harmony ball that will only be infused with your own frequencies. Please dispose of your old harmony ball responsibly by sending it for waste metal recycling rather than just throwing it in the trash.

If you ever space clear the home of a close friend or relative, a new personal harmony ball will be needed so that they can fully infuse it with their own frequencies. Leave it with them afterwards so that they can do their own repeat ceremonies when necessary. Don’t use you own personal harmony ball for this because it will have your frequencies in it.

Q: We’ve moved into a retirement village with no smoking and smoke alarms throughout our apartment. I’m used to smoking sage to cleanse, so what can I do instead that won’t trigger the alarms?

A: Using a sage stick does not clear energies, as this article explains. The space clearing ceremony we will be describing in detail in our new book will do this and does not require any aromas at all, so you will be able to do it without setting off any alarms in your apartment.

Q: Everything begins with, and is affected by, thought. If a room is imbued with low-frequency vibrations, couldn’t the space be “cleansed” by a person thinking pure positive thoughts to the point that the denser energy vibrates out of the room? How much does thought come into play when doing space clearing?

A: Most people live their life at the level of ordinary mental consciousness and have no idea that anything more is possible. For space clearing to be effective, the ceremony needs to be conducted at a higher level of consciousness than the level of thoughts or intentions. We will be explaining this in depth in our new book.

Q: I wonder if there could be evidence of a technique of space clearing that could be run by practicing space clearing through a sketch map drawing like geobiologist do and not physically being in the space?

A: This is called virtual space clearing and although it would be wonderfully convenient, it doesn’t work. I explain why in this article.

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  1. Is your new space clearing book available yet? If so, I would like to order it; if not, I’d like to know when it will be available. Thank you

    1. Hi Michele – The new space clearing book has turned out to fill two volumes, not one, so it is taking longer to finish it than expected. Our best estimate at the moment is publication in the second half of 2022. If you’d like to be notified when the books are available, you can request that here.

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