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There is an entire chapter in my book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, explaining the health hazards that can result from exposure to the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of electrical household equipment, house wiring, power lines, mobile phones (cellphones), etc.

The problem with EMFs

To learn more about EMFs and solutions for EMF problems, visit my blog, where you can find a range of articles about this.


There are many devices available these days to measure electromagnetic stress but many of the ones I have tested simply do not measure what they claim to, or do not do so accurately.

EMFields Pro meter

EMFields Pro meter
The best ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) meter I have found is the EMFields Pro meter. It measures EMFs from house wiring, electrical applicances, and external sources such as sub-stations and power lines. There are cheaper ones available, it's true, but the readings they give are not so reliable or easy to understand, and they don't give both electric and magnetic readings as this does (you need to test both). It has an easy-to-read digital display, and a sounder that ranges from a restful buzz to a high-pitched alarm that really gets your attention. It's available from the Space Clearing products store. Where to buy


It's also very important to check how much microwave radiation you are being exposed to from modern communication systems such as mobile phone (cellphone) base stations, WiFi, cordless phones (DECT), digital TV and digital (DAB) radio. For this you will need a completely different meter.

The Acoustimeter comes with a very precise digital display and two series of graduated LED lights, progressing from green through yellow to red, showing peak and average readings. Most people can happily tolerate the levels shown in green. Some people report health effects in the yellow range. Almost all electrosensitive people experience adverse health effects in the red range. Where to buy

Acousticom 2

Acousticom 2
The Acousticom 2 is a more affordable and portable version of the large Acoustimeter used for professional Healthy Home consultations. It uses the same advanced microwave detector technology as the larger meter but costs half the price, is smaller in size, and weighs less than half as much. Where to buy



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