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Karen Kingston is the author of two million-copy international bestsellers and the world's leading expert in space clearing, the feng shui art of clearing and revitalizing energies in buildings

Space clearing to help clutter clearing

In Chapter Five of my Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui book, I explain how much better space clearing works if you do clutter clearing first. For some, that was where the bookmark stayed while they attempted to do this, … Continue reading

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How to use a miniature space clearing kit

Designed for small homes Miniature space clearing kits were originally made specially for use by Japanese people, many of whom live in very small homes. But they have also proved to be very popular with New Yorkers living in small apartments, and other … Continue reading

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How to clear energies in objects

Second-hand and inherited items have the advantage that they have usually finished outgassing, but they may be imprinted with energies from the previous owners that you would not want to live with. An example A vivid example that comes to … Continue reading

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Energy imprints in second-hand things

Ever wondered why it is that most people prefer new things to second-hand? Apart from the fact that new things are generally in better condition than second-hand things, a large part of the joy of new ownership lies in the … Continue reading

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How to care for a Balinese space clearing bell

Balinese bells are extraordinary. There are no other bells in the world that come close to the beautifully pure, resonant tones they have, or that can be used so effectively for space clearing. Each is handcrafted and has its own unique … Continue reading

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