The best way to use “before” and “after” photos when clutter clearing

Before and after photoA useful tip when clutter clearing is to take “before” and “after” photos of the rooms or areas you clutter clear. This will give you much more motivation to get started and a greater sense of achievement when the job is done.

The most effective method is to stand in exactly the same position for both shots, such as the doorway, or one corner of the room, as you can see from this photo.

A photo will also reveal details you have long since tuned out seeing with your eyes – that pile of books in the corner, that picture on the wall that you don’t even like, that pile of junk in your garage, and so on.

And if you decide to share news of your clutter clearing project with your friends, here’s another tip: don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure by showing them the “before” photo until you have an “after” photo to go with it that you feel proud of. In fact, tell as few people as possible about your clutter clearing plans, and preferably, no-one at all. That way you can proceed at your own pace without fear of losing face if you don’t meet up to other people’s expectations, and without the energetic interference of their opinions about whether you will or succeed or not. Just get on and do it, and enjoy receiving their congratulations later when they see the progress you have made.

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