Red gloves for clutter clearing

Red glovesSome time ago I wrote an article about how it helps to wear something red when clutter clearing. It ended with me musing that since the hands are the part of the body most involved in doing the sorting and tidying, wearing red gloves could really help the process along – especially in cold weather or when handling really dusty old stuff.

I was living in Bali at the time where red gloves are impossible to find, so I wasn’t able to put this to the test myself. But to my utter delight, when I mentioned this in the four-week Fast Track Clutter Clearing course I just taught here in the UK, one participant reached into her bag, pulled out a pair of red gloves, put them on, and wiggled all her fingers in the air with glee!

Other members of the group have been equally enthusiastic, clearing serious quantities of clutter as the weeks progressed. And enjoying it! It’s been absolutely lovely to see the transformation in each of them in such a short period of time.

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