Does space clearing really clear imprints?

Hand sensing by Richard Sebok

Hand sensing by Richard Sebok

Here’s an interesting question that arrived in my inbox:

Dear Karen, I’m curious whether you are using the vocabulary of energy and astral bodies and such metaphorically, or whether you truly believe that the previous owners of a house can imprint unpleasant energy and somehow cause the new resident to get fat?

I’ve been pondering this same topic of late, so the question is very timely. I’ve been pondering how amazing it is that walls, furniture and objects can act like a tape recorder for events that happen in a place. They are made of just ordinary materials, after all, so you wouldn’t think it would be possible. But it is. I’m not talking metaphorically at all. I can actually read imprints with my hands as clearly as I can read words in a book with my eyes, and I have trained other people how to do this too.

In fact, reading a book with one’s eyes is a very good analogy for explaining how the process works. I read and translate energy imprints with my hands in a very similar way to how I read and make sense of characters on the page of a book with my eyes. I’m just using different  subtle body structures to do it.

Can anyone do hand sensing? Yes, to a certain extent. In my public space clearing workshops I include a section on this and 99% of participants report afterwards that they are able to feel the difference between energies that are stagnant or free-flowing, dense or buoyant, prickly or soft, and so on. The technique is done not by touching objects but by holding the hand a few inches/centimeters away, as shown in the photo. The hand is slightly cupped and held without any tension. Being able to read etheric energies in this way gives a very useful indication of the effect a room will have on its occupants.

To learn how to read astral imprints take a lot longer – years in most cases, and only a few people ever become very proficient at it.

Etheric imprints determine the general feel of a place; astral imprints contain the precise history of what has happened there. Repetitive behaviours and traumatic events are the most deeply imprinted, and it is also possible to detect a range of information about previous occupants such as their state of health, fitness, prosperity, happiness, and so on. All the professional space clearing practitioners I train learn to be able to read both types because this is what enables them to read the energetic cause of problems in a client’s home when they conduct a space clearing consultation.

In feng shui terminology, the combined etheric and astral imprints are known as ‘predecessor energy’, meaning the energy left in a place by previous occupants, and it is a well-established fact that this energy tends to cause history to repeat itself and affect future occupants. And of course while you are living in a place you are creating imprints yourself, which will affect you while you’re there and will affect future occupants after you leave. Sometimes it’s just stagnant energies that accumulate on an everyday basis causing you to feel stuck, but if you’ve been through tough times there your own imprints will affect you in more profound ways, perpetuating the problems.

The beauty of the space clearing ceremony I’ve developed is that it safely and effectively removes etheric imprints in order to give people a fresh start, and depending on the skill of the person doing it, it can also remove astral imprints too. Other clearing techniques may move energies around but they do not work at these deep levels or permanently change spaces for the better.

My advice is to be extremely wary of any professional space clearer claiming to be able to do this unless they can read energy imprints in such a way that you’re sure they are not making it up. If they give you some story about previous occupants that you can’t substantiate, or run around clapping, belling or waving incense about without doing energy sensing at all, then they are doing it blindly.

In the early years of training space clearing practitioners, many of my students gave up because they weren’t prepared to do the personal work to develop their subtle body structures to be able to accurately read energies in this way. They sought out other less demanding methods such as dowsing, which can be learnt in a one-day workshop but is notoriously unreliable.

Now I’m happy to report that all the professional space clearers I train are able to access deep levels of information through hand sensing, and clients find it to be one of the most interesting and insightful parts of a space clearing consultation. And of course the more accurately a space clearer can read imprints, the more effectively they can clear them and transform the energy of a space, which is the whole point of doing hand sensing in the first place.

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20 Responses to Does space clearing really clear imprints?

  1. Margaret says:

    I read your article about clearing clutter when returning home from overseas and realised I had been living with very few possessions for 3 weeks, so now was the time to get busy.I have sorted and sent on their way 8 boxes, what a mammoth job, I still have to look through the 8th box as it is letters, cards & accounts. The amazing thing is where did I get the energy to do this? It took a day and a half of solid SLOG, but I am so happy it is done. Thank you for the motivation.

  2. danielle says:

    Reading this article reminded me of the Ashram Record spoken of in ‘The Third Eye’ written by T. Lobsang Rampa. Thank you for all You do!

    • Jill says:

      Tuesday Lobsang Rampa was born Cyril Henry Hoskin in Plympton, UK. He claimed to have been a Tibetan Monk. When it was revealed that he had never even been to Tibet he claimed that his body had been possessed by the spirit of the monk when he was concussed after falling out of a tree while attempting to photograph an owl. Possibly the above reply is not that great a compliment.

  3. Peggy J. says:

    Thank you Karen, I always appreciate your articles. I recall your saying about a decade ago when I attended your CA workshops that you never wore jewelry and thought of you the other day. I simply had to take mine off – even a ring I had worn for over 30 years. I have always gone barefooted although I love beautiful shoes too. Blessings.

  4. kerry says:

    Many years ago I was having a negative period in my life and after reading your book I used the clapping and ringing bells technique to clear the space. I immediately felt a difference in my home but was sold on the idea when a friend visiting the next day asked if I’d replaced all the light bulbs in my home with a higher wattage. The place looked so much brighter. I’ve done this space clearing method ever since, every time I move into a new space to live or work, and I’ve also done it for friends.

  5. sendrick says:

    i have to say i agree with this post. many summers ago, i also faced some personal problems that i though of giving up. luckily, i have a friend who counseled and helped me one step at a time. i literally threw out the things i did not need in my house and i felt so relieved of doing that. yeah, making your personally space free of clutter is a very good way to regain your proper attitude in life.

  6. Willa Campbell says:

    I have been interested in this area a long time….I have had a complicated and busy life…I recently lost a friend that died suddenly and have been contemplating making changes in my own life…Life is too short to waste….

    My book shelves are filled with several feng shui books …I have trouble tossing the ones that have good info on feng shui in them..My favorite is Karens decluttering book..I have given several to friends and continue to reread it myself every 6 months or so…I continue to learn something every time I read it….I have a perception that overwhems me sometimes . I have always called it the premonition thing….divine tracts so to speak…It used to drive me crazy but my work sometimes keeps me so busy I tune it out….

    How do you become a consultant and where would I begin….I feel it would be an area I would love to study …even if it would take years….thank you

  7. jarronegro says:

    Do you have additional blogposts similar to this one? I just want to read through even alot more about it. Thanks for your time.

  8. Pamela Me says:

    Hi Karen, I like to share my own experience of imprints with you. If people are not able to get rid of their negativity, it will stick to the walls and furniture of one`s house, and remain there if Space Clearing is not done. So the energy in such houses will become heavier and heavier. My own experience is, whenever I feel I have picked up a lot of negativity, not only my own, but also from people around me, and bad things that happens in the world, it feels like I have some sort of a stone in my solar plexus. The best thing for me, is to go outside, seek out a tree, sit against the tree, or just hold the tree, or lay my hands on it, and to release the negativity. The tree picks it up, taking it over from me, sending it into the Earth, where it will be neutralized. Sometimes only looking at trees or flowers is enough, while visualising the negativity transferring to them. So I can avoid it will stick to my house too much. But off course, Space Clearing is needed when the negativity is already imprinted in one`s house.
    Best whishes, and thank you for your good work.

  9. E.G. says:

    Your arrticle was of especial interest to me as I am a pranic healer and sense energy in people’s bodies to determine the cause of their ailments. I can also feel the energy in objects. The positive energy in food can be increased by praying over it.

    How do you define etheric energy versus astral energy? Many people tend to use the terms interchangeably?

    • There is a world of differences between etheric and astral energies, but this is not something I can explain here in a few short sentences. There are some core principles that would need to be understood first. I will give some thought as to whether this could be the topic of a future blog article or whether it would be best left until my new space clearing book is published, which will give this topic a much wider context.

  10. Kathie says:

    I went through an intense training course with you in Bali many years ago which changed my life so I am very aware of the need to space clear. Having focussed on what we needed from a move it still fascinates me how we are attracted to a place and the way fate plays a hand. Having moved in I found out much later that the previous owner loved Scotland with a passion as we do, the daughter meditates and does Tai Chi as we do and many more ‘coincidences’. Two years later having done some ancestry research I find out that my great great grandfather lived in the same village as we do which I was completely unaware of on a concious level. Our favourite walk in the Dales a few miles away takes us past they farm they moved to again which none of the family knew about. Everyone who comes to the house comment on the peacefulness they feel. As they do in my husbands office (where space clearing has been carried out) at a University, so a building leaves imprints from the past and I sincerely hope ours do in the future for the greater good.

  11. Lynie says:

    6 months ago I did a space clearing on my house according to the directions in the book. The house “said” it felt unloved and unwanted. Come to find out it was to be demolished before it was moved to this location. I did the space clearing because we had lots of clutter that had accumulated over several years and wanted to “clean house.” The intention for the space clearing was to clear clutter and open the door for new possibilities. My husband was also in a very deep depression and I wanted to help him raise his vibration.

    Now, 6 months later, my husband is feeling better than ever. And so I decided to do another space clearing now that the clutter is gone. The house felt like it was “pregnant” and waiting for the birth of the “new.” The old feelings were completely gone and it was “excited, anticipating” the new intentions. With this second space clearing I did it was like giving birth to the things we had always wanted to create in our marriage but we’re never able to. The energy of the house and the beliefs that had come with it had always prevented us from moving forward. We had considered moving and now my husband is seeing all the potential in the house and how we can use it for service for others. He has found his purpose, something he has been searching for in his intentions for a long time.

    I have only done this space clearing on my own house and have no experience besides what I read in Karen’s book and I can tell any doubters that it WORKS! I have considered taking the practitioner’s class because it has been so wonderful to do this for myself and my family, I think I would enjoy doing it for others.

    On a side note, I found as I was clearing clutter over the last 6 months, that my clutter (and my husband’s) was a way of trying to block the energy we were picking up subconsciously from the house, but it only ended up making us more stuck in the wrong energy. Thank you Karen Kingston for showing the way to freedom! 🙂

  12. Willa Campbell says:

    This subject is so interesting…I need to read the space clearing book..

    .But how do you remove negative energy from a piano? I feel it has some.. It has been around for a while and I do still use it but certainly cannot afford to purchase another one….so I guess I need to do a space clearing with bells? Is that where I start?….Please advise…thank you….

  13. Regina says:

    Dear Karen,

    Reading again about the new vs. secondhand question brings up something I’ve always pondered–what about new clothing made by those young women locked into sweat shops and the inhumane conditions they work in? Doesn’t such clothing have negative imprints? Or is it that the items were made so quickly the clothing didn’t have time to be imprinted? When I read about/hear some of those sad stories I would rather get secondhand clothing that is well washed and hung in the sun and air for a while. I’d love to know your answer because I’ve been wondering about this for years now.

    Thank you,

  14. Anne says:

    Karen: Interesting about you not wearing jewelry. I am the same way. Thanku! A.

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